45 Moral messages and quotes to reflect on this set of rules

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Moral is the set of rules acquired through culture, education, tradition and daily life. It guides each individual’s judgment on what is right or wrong within a society.

Thus, to help you reflect on the influence of such rules on your life, we list several moral messages and quotes. Check it out!

Moral messages and quotes to understand human conduct

Everything has a moral: just find it.

Moral is but an interpretation – or more precisely from false interpretation – of certain phenomena.

immorality is the moral of those who pass better than us.

To act with morals is to be character. It is being able to sleep with tranquility at night knowing that it is doing the right.

moral indignation is nothing more than envy with a halo.

The moral authority of the rulers is undoubtedly the beginning of everything.

You can do everything, except to make others suffer: here is my moral.

True moral morals of morals.

Moral is no more than the regulation of selfishness.

morality itself is not the doctrine that teaches us as being happy, but how we should become worthy of happiness.

The arm of the moral universe is long, but it folds to justice.

Inflicted moral defeat is more severe than material disaster.

Never let your moral sense prevent you from doing what is right.

Let us ask ourselves who is properly ‘bad’ in the sense of the moral of resentment. The answer, with all the rigor: precisely the ‘good’ of the other morals.

Every free action has two causes that compete to produce it: a moral, which is the will that determines the act; The other physics, which is the power that performs it.

What is truly immoral is having given up on yourself.

Moral is what makes the person feel good; immoral is what makes the person feel bad.

The morals of the people discriminate between the strength and the expressions of force, as if behind the fort there was an indifferent substrate that was free to express or not the force.

There are no moral books and immoral books. There are well written books and poorly written books, that’s all.

When our moral evil is known to us, we need to heal our soul as we heal our arm or our leg.

We call dangerous to those whose spirit is different from ours and immoral to those who do not have our morals.

in morals and art, saying is nothing, doing everything.

I always prefer a more indulgent morality, but that is within everyone, to a very high morality that few can reach.

With the help of the morality of custom and social strength, the man was really made reliable.

moral is what allows us to be faithful to ourselves.

Moral consists in making the friendly instincts on selfish impulses prevail.

Politics is opposed to morality, such as philosophy to ingenuity.

Moral laws are the rules of a game in which everyone has a glow, and this is since the world is world.

Protecting the environment is an ethical and moral issue.

Moral is often the passport of slander.

disinterested morality, by morals alone, is mysticism, is neither natural nor normal.

The worm retracts when it is stepped on. This indicates wisdom. That way it reduces the chance to be stepped on again. In the language of morals: humility.

First comes the stomach, then morals.

Moral is a certain dose of courtesy to look good.

Moral is the weakness of the brain.

Two things that fill my soul with growing admiration and respect, the more intense and often her thinking is concerned: the starry sky over me and the moral law within me.

Where should I abstain from morals, I fail to have power.

The best guide to practical reason is morality.

Thought is our dignity. Let us therefore be thought to think about it, because that is the principle of morality.

power without morals becomes tyranny.

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