45 messages and quotes of Jesus Tumblr that will bring you closer to your love

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These messages and quotes of Jesus Tumblr are perfect for you to share your belief. Sometimes it is difficult to understand a few far -fetched words from the Bible, but these messages and quotes will show you that the teachings of Jesus are current and never go out of style. Spread your message and be happier by your side.

messages and quotes of Jesus Tumblr that bring life, peace and much faith

Jesus, I know I can’t see you, but my faith takes me to you.

Look at your friends with the eyes of Jesus, without judgment and with much love.

Jesus taught us to love each other. I won’t be crazy not to obey!

Jesus, today I don’t want to ask you anything. I looked at my life and found a thousand reasons to thank.

Jesus, regardless of Wi-Fi, you will always be online in my heart.

Believe me, if you spread the good, Jesus rewards you in the most beautiful ways.

With Jesus by my side, nothing can go wrong.

I have no storm. It is Jesus who leads my boat.

Do good. No matter how long it will take, but Jesus will reward you.

Focus, strength and faith in Jesus.

In a life of so many doubts, your first certainty has to be Jesus.

Jesus, I will never leave you. Thanks for choosing me to be your child.

When the air blows gently toward my face, I can feel the affection of Jesus.

Trust in Jesus’ time. He knows the right time when everything should happen.

Jesus taught us to forgive. We are human, imperfect, but capable of overcoming our mistakes.

Jesus, when I double my knees, I’m not afraid of anything else.

When you feel alone and think no one loves you, remember that Jesus died on the cross for you.

Do not give up on your dreams. Jesus planted a seed inside your heart because you knew you were able to water.

With his infinite love, Jesus saved the world. Imagine what we can’t do for each other?

Jesus has a beautiful plan for your life. Don’t miss the faith!

Jesus, you are awesome! How I love you.

Jesus, may my faith always be greater than my fears. May my anxiety find your patience. I trust!

Jesus, if you are not, I don’t even go. I always want you with me.

There is no gym in the world that can make you as strong as Jesus. He’s the guy!

When you don’t know what to do, open the Bible and find Jesus’ answer to you.

Jesus, in the newsletter of my life, you are always note 10.

When Jesus knocks on your door, raise and open.

I have faith that everything will be all right. Jesus never disappoints!

I don’t even know to spend money on a planner. It is Jesus who has the control of my life. I give you everything!

Jesus is present in the little things of everyday life. Be aware of the details.

Jesus, you don’t even have to hit my heart. He is always open to you.

Jesus, you are more precious than sleeping on a rainy day. Not even the most wonderful things compare to you.

Every day I wonder what Jesus has for me. Patience, he never fails!

To have faith is to believe that Jesus is always in control, regardless of our opinions.

Jesus, you are a vip presence in all the feasts of my heart.

Focus on persistence, faith and courage. Who believes in Jesus, wastes no time with nonsense.

Jesus, that you are always close to my heart and guiding my thoughts.

Be a good person and spread love. It is worth being a child of Jesus.

Jesus, you are in the favorite of the contact list of my heart. The joy of your presence is my favorite notification!

Want a reason to smile? Jesus loves you!

I have no harm. I know that nothing can be greater than the love of Jesus.

Don’t worry if you missed. Do not think that Jesus will not forgive you. He never gives up on you!

Jesus makes me stronger. With him, I don’t need luck.

Jesus, in you, I find the peace that the world is not able to offer me.

I have not seen any sign but I know that Jesus is the right meaning of my life.

Believing in Jesus does not have to be complicated. On the contrary, it is its simplicity and love that enchant. And to sleep in peace, check out these good night messages and quotes Jesus.

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