45 messages and quotes of faith and strength not to be shaken by the stones on the way

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We are not always a good time, sometimes we are sad and all that is missing is that little push to remain firm and strong. Problems in the family, work or even fear of starting new projects prevent us from continuing our way. Therefore, we separate messages and quotes from faith and strength to help you follow with perseverance your goals. Check it out!

messages and quotes of faith and strength that will help you continue fighting

Do not put limits on your dreams, put faith.

May my courage be greater than my fear and may my strength be as great as my faith.

Every minute God cares about you. Because every second God loves you.

God, increase my faith and guide me on the right way.

For those who do not understand faith, we can say simply that it is to know that first you will put your foot and then God will put the way.

With faith and perseverance nothing is impossible.

I can do everything that strengthens me.

Keep focus on the goal, centralize the strength to fight and use faith to win.

No themes! Your strength is greater than your problems!

The secret is to have faith in God.

Focus, Strength and Faith!

The force from within and faith in the Lord is greater than all the opposite winds.

Be strong, persistent and make all your dreams come true.

Don’t let anything shake your faith.

better days are coming, believe me.

For those who have faith, life never has an end.

Focus: A goal to achieve. Strength: never give up fighting. Faith: To keep me up while I can.

Sometimes life will strike your head with a brick. Do not lose the faith.

If life is not easier, try to get stronger.

Willpower and faith in what you want to achieve is the key to success.

It is forbidden to give up. Take a deep breath and move on.

Wisdom to let go, strength for what is here and faith for what is to come.

Look up. That’s where your strength comes from there.

Despite trials, never lose faith and hope.

Risk the risk. If it works, happiness. If not, wisdom.

Not everything is thorns. Keep the strength and faith that the flowers will sprout in your garden.

Only things we should fear is fear itself.

For the good days: smiles. For bad days: patience. For every day: Faith.

Sometimes bad things happen in our lives to put us toward the best things we could live.

If it is to give up, give up being weak.

Go the way you can, but be sure to go!

Go firmly toward your goals. Because thought creates, desire attracts and faith realizes.

If you have gotten here, don’t give up!

A great journey always starts with a small step.

seeks your inner strength. She is not here.

When there is faith the fear becomes courage.

Fight for what you believe!

If the walk is difficult, it is because you are on the right track.

instead of waiting for the sky, fly!

Breathe, believe, fight and perform.

If you believe you can, you can.

Replace the fear of losing with the desire to win!

After a storm always comes the sun. Strength!

When there is faith the difficulties are practically invisible.

Your victory is closer than you think, persevere.

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