45 messages and quotes of Dante Alighieri that show the soul of the great poet

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Born in Florence, Italy, in 1265, this great poet was known worldwide for his work “The Divine Comedy”. Passionate about writing and art, he became one of the most important humanist writers. The author had a unique way of thinking and writing and this can be observed in these striking messages and quotes of Dante Alighieri below. Come check it out!

Dante Alighieri’s messages and quotes to reflect on life, art and spirituality

Reason is given to discern the good from evil.

The weapons of divine justice lose their advantage in the face of confession and the grief of the offender.

you see that reason, following the path indicated by feelings, has short wings.

Unless you moderate your pride, this will be your greatest punishment.

so faithful I went to the glorious craft that I lost sleep and health.

In hell the warmer places are reserved for those who have chosen neutrality in time of crisis.

It is well known that the burning flame of love lasts shortly in the woman, when the eyes and hands cannot abinate her continuously.

Things become more perfect as soon as they support pleasure and pain.

Faith is the substance of expected things and the argument of those who do not appear, and this seems to me to be the essence of faith.

One cannot express with words the passage of the human state to the divine.

Be aware of your origins, you were not created to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.

Well, waste time displeases those who know their value the most.

A powerful fire is just the continuation of a small spark.

The strain does not transform individuals into nobles, but individuals give nobility to the strain.

The person who may realize some need and help wait until he or she ordered, is as cruel as if he had never helped.

Beauty arouses the soul to act.

The most perfect things are also the most likely to receive appreciation and abuse.

Who knows the pain, knows everything.

Pride, envy and greed, it is the sparks that set fire to the hearts of all men.

Speaking is a natural effect, but in one way or another, nature lets man choose the one who pleases him.

Contradiction does not consent to repentance and sin at the same time.

The wheels of the sky up there show you your eternal glory, but your eyes remain on earth.

Who are you who want to judge, with a view that only reaches a hand, things that are a thousand miles?

When we lose all hope, we have to live among the desires.

Three things we still have from paradise: the stars, the flowers and the children.

A lot of caution and equal prudence must have men when they deal with those who see not only things, but also realize what you think.

There is a kind thought that sometimes makes me feel alive, because it is a thought of you.

The greater the thirst, the greater the pleasure of satisfying it.

Everything that is created has an end in itself, and so the way that makes the universe look like God is generated.

abandon all hopes you who enter here.

Time passes and man does not realize.

I did not shed tears, my heart was made of stone.

oh, how insufficient the word is and how ineffective to my concept!

The arrow of destination, when expected, travel slowly.

So now, close to me, came that brutality that knows no peace and took me step by step back to the place where the sun is silent.

surrendered so much to the lust addiction that in his law it made lawfulness that he gave pleasure, to cancel the censorship he deserved.

I am one who writes only when he tells me love and I try to report faithfully what he says within me.

Keep the firmness of the tower, whose cusp does not tremble for storms, no winds.

In the depth of such suffering, the tongue moves in vain. The language of our memory and our senses lacks a vocabulary of its own to this pain.

opens my mind to what I reveal to you and retain well what I say to you, because it is not science to listen without retaining what you hear.

Laws exist, but who applies them?

The path that leads to paradise begins in hell.

a will, even if it is good, must give in to a better.

There is nothing to fear, nothing can deprive us of our destination.

The fame that is acquired in the world is nothing but wind breath.

Dante Alighieri makes us have a different view of life and its peculiarities, just as some other important writers in history. Speaking of this, if you want to keep checking out more intelligent reflections, also check out these great seneca messages and quotes!

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