45 messages and quotes by Alceu Valença that manifest the great talent of this musician

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Born in São Bento do Una, in July 1946, this Pernambuco singer and composer is one of the most renowned voices in the country. Passionate about music since childhood, he was inspired by artists such as Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro and Marinês. Next, get to know Alceu Valença’s career and remember the successful songs of this brilliant artist!

Alceu Valença messages and quotes that made up their beautiful melodies

In the light bruma of the passions that come from inside, you come to play in my backyard.

La Belle de Jour was the most beautiful girl in the whole city and it was precisely for her that I wrote my first blues.

I loved you and plunged into your eye of the booty.

tropican brunette, I want your taste!

brunette, flower of desire … Ah, your smell in my sheet!

I hope, my God, hopefully! May everything that ties us only love, rare knit.

A beautiful girl, to look crude left my heart.

beautiful girl, your body smells the orange button.

Across the river, there is a city that in my youth I visited every day.

The flame of our life continues in combustion!

starting out of the ashes I recompose the landscape.

By the fire of your body sparks beautiful rays of this sun.

The heart of the afflicted popcorn inside the chest.

That everything that separates us does not bear fruit, do not value.

Solitude is beast, loneliness devours. He is a friend of the hours, cousin of time and makes our watches walk slowly.

From the streets I walked, I searched, I looked, I tried to find you.

When I crossed that street, I was afraid to see your smile and start an old good dream.

My brilliant ring is the eyes of Captain Corisco and it is the light that burns my craft in this steel jungle and antennae.

I walked by stepping through the streets of the past creating callus on my walk.

You who walk around the world. You who have already flew. You what a corner, bird … relieves my pain!

The world goes around, more than three hundred in the year. Mark the month, time and date, that I keep waiting for you.

The girl in my eyes has a pomegranate and a smile that flows into my sky every morning.

Our love declares itself much greater, and not to us.

She is a little butterfly, tiny and witch. Walks in the middle of the night looking for those who want you.

My heart is beating like the one who says: There is no way!

No one runs away from fate, this train that transports us.

Your blue eyes, like the afternoon of a blue Sunday afternoon.

The voice of the angel whispered in my ear, I do not doubt, I already hear your signs.

Imagine the disin of the smell of coffee or it’s just feminine smell.

A solidarity nation, without prejudice, hopefully. A nation like us!

I will have a future sliding in the present as the hair on the comb that comb my love.

The wind and its resettlement, like a cherubim angel, dismantled my hours.

I go down to the street, I miss you.

Today I dreamed that she came back and came much more than beautiful.

We played until Wednesday for the simple pleasure of pleasure.

I will make you fly toward the sunset and when the moon faint I will hide in your sheet.

Beija-Flor, I’m crying your melted feathers on the foolishness of the asphalt.

beautiful beautiful creature, beautiful … no girl, no woman.

you come, you come. I already listen to your signs.

Your kiss can kill me without compassion.

If your love was hypocrisy! Goodbye, Brasilia, I’m going to miss you!

See the light of the past and the present, travel through the paths of heaven.

Not to miss you, I’m going back to Petrolina.

From the future you are the belief, the hope of this people who haughty rest like the athlete after fighting.

my rainbow, my lighthouse, has been running at dawn.

For over 60 years, Alceu Valença enchants her listeners with her compositions and melodies. The race are the two wins in the Brazilian Music Award, in 2003 and 2015, as the best regional singer, and the nomination for the Latin Grammy in 2014.

The artist, who came to face law in Recife, released his first album, “Quadract” in 1972, but it was only 8 years after he was recognized on the country’s radio with the song “Heart Bobo”. Since then, Alceu Valença has been synonymous with talent, culture and represents the Northeast.

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