45 messages and quotes about betrayal and lie that will bring deep reflections

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One of the greatest pains can pass is to be betrayed and deceived by someone who loves and trusts. If you have gone through this or are facing this process now, then read these messages and quotes about betrayal and lies and take the opportunity to send to those who also need these messages.

messages and quotes about betrayal and lie to think about the consequences of these acts

Learn: Trust has no seven lives.

Only the enemy never betrays.

Although betrayal, the traitor is always hated.

Truth hurts, doubt erodes and lie destroys.

Who knows the truth best is more able to lie.

It is prudence never to be spinning entirely to those who have already deceived us once.

After the first lie, all truth becomes a doubt.

Lying gives remorse. And not lying is a gift that the world does not deserve.

The price of fidelity is eternal vigilance.

Love does not hurt. What hurts is betrayal, lies and disappointment.

I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.

lies and secrets, Tessa are like soul cancer. They eat what is good and leave only destruction.

Lying is not celebrated. The lie breaks confidence.

Anything is better than lies and mistakes!

There are few reasons to tell the truth, but to lie the number is infinite.

Betrayal is a way out for those who do not know how to surrender in full.

A lie is a gateway that closes without a possibility of return. There is no key to open the lost confidence.

Lie and deception have a period of expiration and, in the end, everything is revealed. At the same time, confidence dies forever.

Everything that begins with a lie ends in disappointment.

Don’t be fooled: Lie and betrayal are lack of character! Never go back to what made you doubt your own value.

The wounds of a betrayal are always there as much as you try to forget and they begin to hurt the sign of any lie.

sadder than listening to a lie is not believing again who lied.

The world is full of people with a smile on their lips and poison on their tongue.

Time reveals everything: the most hidden lies, the most right reasons and the most false people.

There are no false friends, just false who claim to be friends.

lies and betrayals are like a broken mirror: you may even try to fix it, but the patches will always be there to remind you of the flaws.

Where there are only lies and little confidence, move away. Do not invest your time and energy in people like that.

With the lie it can be far away, but there is no way to go back.

Everyone deserves a second chance, but from the moment the betrayal cycle is repeated again, so it’s time to leave.

No matter who comes: betrayal always leaves a deep scar in the soul.

Sometimes people don’t change, they just learn to lie better.

lies and betrayals say the character of those who commit them and not who the victim is.

Be grateful for turning away from so many lies and betrayals. Having false people around, as well as poison, would just get you sick.

A drop of lie can contaminate a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrust.

People always end up showing who they are, no matter how much they try to hide their lies.

Always remember that you are no less strong because you believe in those who have lied so much and betrayed. On the contrary: the error is not in the one who acts with kindness, but in those who deceive to gain advantages.

The truth hurts only once, the lie hurts every time it is remembered.

The problem is that betrayal always comes from who we least expect and the moment we have low guard.

They are small in small lies that a great betrayal is built.

The sad betrayal is that it does not come from its enemies.

Be sure to believe the good just because someone deceived you, betrayed and manipulated. There are still a lot of good and loving people out there.

Never lie and betray a person who would move the world for you. The lie corrupts and the betrayal destroys you.

Love that dies for lies and betrayals does not resurrect with excuses.

You are a good heart person, a generous soul and not deserve someone who lives constantly manipulating, lying and betraying your trust.

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.

Never question your value because of someone else’s lies and manipulations. Enjoy and read these self-love messages and quotes to always put yourself first.

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