45 Mano Brown messages and quotes for you to know the legend of Brazilian rap

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Impossible to talk about rap without talking about Racional MC’s and, consequently, Mano Brown. Member of one of the most famous Brazilian rap groups, Pedro Paulo Soares Pereira is part of Racionao, formed in 1988 in São Paulo, since the beginning.

Nominated in 28th place in the list of the 100 most influential artists of 2008 by Rolling Stones magazine, Brown released in 2016 the album “Boogie Naipe”, his first solo album, rescuing the soul footprint in the style of the Black dances of the decade of the decade 70 and 80.

For you who already know, or want to know, here is a special selection of messages and quotes from Mano Brown. Put the headphones and come!

Sometimes the path of healing can be the disease, and the path of forgiveness is sometimes the sentence.

When the walk gets hard, only the hard keep walking.

Life is not the problem, it is battle, challenge. Each obstacle is a lesson, I announce …

There are few who enter the field to win. The soul keeps what the mind tries to forget.

The system limits our life in such a way that I had to make my choice: dream or survive.

Life is a game where to win is the only way out.

Grids will never arrest our thinking.

A toast for me. I am an example of victories, routes and glory.

But today I can understand, what a real trickery is to live.

As much as the fall, keep your feet on the floor.

The jungle as it is: vain and ambitious, angry and luxurious.

In Brazil you don’t see my color people doing commercial.

I was always a dreamer. This is what keeps me alive.

I wanted to be another wheel, not the driver.

I just trust me, no one else, you understand me.

I question because it is not enough to be.

I see injustice. I speak as I see things. The police are prejudiced.

Confidence is an ungrateful woman who kisses you, hugs you, steals you and kills you.

I was not born to compete with anyone, but to overcome myself.

Look at children which is the future and hope.

People found me strange too because I was disgusted with a “shovel” of things by my side. I felt a stranger with several things happening.

If your foundation is the same as mine, up front of us.

As time goes on, you approach the people you talk to.

Everyone see, be against the evil of the final judgment, which will judge us.

We dream of our entire lives and only wake up at the end.

I don’t have everything, but all I have is yours while I have health with God’s blessing.

I want to enjoy my freedom, see my son born. Accompany him grow and give him what I couldn’t have.

Life is that. You have to believe it, you have to go.

Who has faith goes to the church to pray. If to kneel asks God to do not get worse.

I must not, I do not fear, give my glass that was already.

Breathe deep, keep the balance.

But if it is to solve, get involved, go my name.

I’m rap warrior and always in high voltage.

Degraded me to please you? Never.

by the marginals, blacks act like kings. Like us do so much, so much did.

Black sheep since always, accompany me.

You need to have faith. Maybe it’s time, don’t expect to happen. As soon as it is.

The fraternization of men and the humility of a king will be the weapons of victory for universal peace.

In this bandit story, what is the final payment? I don’t know.

cries now, laugh later!

In the challenge, the chance.

I want is freedom and not mercy.

The soul keeps what the mind tries to forget.

I saw. Yes, there is a dirt to be swept.

She dances, she laughs, she wants to enjoy. Want to kiss, want to love and have fun.

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