45 Logo messages and quotes I sum up any situation

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Everyone has heard that laughing is the best medicine, right? No wonder we always make fun of the unpleasant situations that happen on a daily basis. Thinking about it, we separated messages and quotes from soon me to you who always face the perrengues of life with that smile on your face!

Logo messages and quotes that will make you identify and have fun

wanted to give me a foot in the ass? So I, I don’t even have.

Did you think I wouldn’t let myself be detached? So I, OLX.

Did you want to deceive me? Soon I, ice cream with beans.

Did you want to be dry with me? Soon I, owner of the desert.

Did you want to curl me? Logo I, the Curly.

Want to be a dog with me? Soon I, the Kennel owner.

tried to knock me down? Logo I, what a living lying down.

Soon I, determined not to believe anyone else, went to open exception to you, who cheated on me.

Soon I, I have always been a flower, life wanted to make me thorn.

Did you want to make me clown? Soon I, the circus owner!

So I, I always thought it was cool to be so wrong, me that it is not always calm, but never worried.

So I, who didn’t like anything, liked you so much.

Did you want to put me down? Logo I, who down to the floor.

and soon I, who always wanted more hours on the day, today beg it to be as soon as possible.

Did you want to hurt my feelings? Soon I, the nurse.

meant I was wrong? So I, the owner of the reason.

Did you think I wasn’t going to hold this bar that is like you? Soon I, a fan of black race.

treated me like the child? Soon I, the Queen of the Shorty.

Did you ask me to delete your number? So I never saved.

Do you want to give me ice? Soon I, Iceberg who sank the Titanic.

Did you want to give me cake? Soon I, Dona Benta.

tried to curl me? Soon I, the headset.

tried to knock me down? Soon I, Nazareth Tedesco.

wanted to throw me at the bottom of the well? Soon I, Samara.

Did you think I was going to call? So I, I have no credit.

Do you want to lie to me? Soon I, pregnant with Taubaté.

Want to do drama on me? Soon I, Maria do Bairro.

Did you think I wasn’t going to explore? Logo I, Pedro Álvares Cabral.

wanted to give me a kick? Soon I, Eguinha Pocotó.

Did you want to give me an ice? Soon I, Elsa.

Did you want to make my life a hell? Soon I, Satan.

tried to lower me? So I, who am 1.50m tall.

wanted to explain how to raise my son? Soon I, I’m a mother!

Did you want to make me bad? Soon I, who mixed vodca with beer.

Did you want to be fake with me? So I, 3 reais note.

Did you want to be better than me? Logo I, Leonina.

Did you want to be thick with me? Soon I, Ariano.

Want to play the detached with me? Soon I, Aquarian.

wanted me to decide quickly? Logo I, Libra.

Did you want to stubborn with me? Logo I, Gemini.

Did you want to be cold and calculating with me? Soon I, Capricorn.

wanted me to forget the vacilings? Logo I, Cancerian.

Did you want to criticize me? Logo I, Virginian.

Did you want to play the sensitive on me? Soon I, Pisces.

Did you want to tell me some sluts? Logo I, Scorpio.

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