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One of today’s most famous rock bands, Linkin Park was very successful in the early 2000s and has a striking trajectory in the music world. With lyrics that deal with various subjects, they continue to win several fans. Want to know more about this group? So read the Linkin Park messages and quotes we have separated and enjoy listening to the songs!

Linkin Park messages and quotes that will miss the missing of cards of cards

The hardest part of the end is the restart.

I put my confidence in you, I endured as much as I could

Light on the horizon was brighter yesterday.

Put to rest what you thought of me, while I clean this blackboard with the hands of uncertainty.

And when you feel empty keep me in your memory, and leave it all the rest.

I tried so much and arrived so far, but in the end it is no longer important.

God Save to all of us, when we burn within the fire of a thousand suns for the sins of our hand.

All I want to do is be more, and being less like you.

We saw shine when the world was asleep. There are things we can have, but we can’t keep it.

I want to heal, I want to feel what I never thought was real.

Time is a valuable thing. Watch it fly like the swing of a pendulum.

I kept everything inside and, even though I tried, everything collapsed.

Things are no longer the way they were before. You would not even recognize me.

Who cares if one more light goes out? In a million stars sky, she sparkle, sparkle. Who cares when someone’s time is over? If a moment is all we are.

Can’t you see that you are choking me? Holding so tight, afraid of losing control.

I’m tired of being what you want me to be.

I do not want to be the one that battles always choose because, inside, I realize that I am the only confusing. I don’t know what it’s worth fighting for or why I have to scream.

There is truth in your lies, doubt in your faith, what you build you put to lose. There is truth in your lies, doubt in your faith, all I have is what you did not take.

I should have stayed, was there any sign I ignored? Can I help you not get hurt anymore?

Crazing on my skin these wounds that will not heal. Fear is what drops me confusing what is real.

You don’t care about me, I don’t care about it!

Although words seem firm, there is something empty inside them.

I am against my will with my own reflection.

All I want to do is change this life for something new.

I want to find something I always wanted, somewhere I belong to.

I’ve seen this frustration, I was deceived and got lost and already told me no and I came back, inbable, disappointed and lived and surpassed.

I just wanted this time to be different.

Because I am just shards in this glass castle.

Lower the face and pretend that I am not. But I will be here, because you are all I have.

I am strong on the surface, not inside.

I will face myself to erase what I became.

Memories take the floor out of your feet.

When this started, I had nothing to say and got lost in nothing inside me. I was confused and let it go out to find out, that I am not the only person with these things in mind.

All the emptiness that the words revealed is the only real thing I have left to feel.

I want to let this pain I held for so long. Erase all the pain until it is over.

So what am I? What do I have beyond negativity?

And I will never feel anything else until my wounds are healed.

Wash the sadness out of my skin and show me what it is like to be whole again.

All I needed was the only thing I couldn’t find.

memories consume as if they opened the wound.

Why am I so tense today? Paranoia is all I have left.

And your voice was all I heard, saying that I get what I deserve.

So let the mercy come and clean what I did.

I know I’m not the center of the universe, but you keep revolving around me the same way.

I clung to something that never belonged to me.

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