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Leandro Karnal is a historian, Brazilian teacher and author of several books. Wherever it goes, it shares teachings and reflections on religion, philosophy, history, politics, behavior, among other subjects. To learn more about this teacher’s ideas, check out Leandro Karnal’s best messages and quotes.

Leandro Karnal messages and quotes to rethink your opinions

Do, because if you don’t do soon the rest will be silence.

Books are powerful instruments of transformation. And the more interest I have, the more interesting I get.

Unfortunately we are running out of symbols, we are running out of honesty references.

The head that finds the solution is the same that elaborates the problem.

Non -acceptance of differences makes the world a horrible place. Who accepts this is civilized. Who does not accept this is barbaric.

a spoiled child will be an unfortunate adult.

What I think, nothing but my thinking, what I do from it, changes everything!

Probably indifference is the greatest and most cruel of human evils, for it means that I am not even seeing you.

Although I am a melancholy optimist, I am an optimistic.

The more options you have, the greater your anguish.

There are only friends who is good, if not good, will have only accomplices.

It is essential people of various ethnic groups, it is essential that there are various opinions, including contrary to mine.

Every failure has its reason, as success has its cost.

We are alone and we will die alone. We are absolutely irrelevant before the universe.

We will never reach paradise, but politics is necessary to prevent us from reaching hell.

Envy is a type of blindness, it is the pain for the success of others.

One of the characteristics of culture is to make normal what is not.

Living is always giving up elements of my freedom, expecting others to give up a little of their freedom, and together we can find a point where the “us” is possible.

crowds are not synonymous with good political choice.

Those who respect the governor and do not respect the cleaning lady, are not a leader, but a self -interested.

Hate is a reality that no Brazilian denies, but we deny that he is in me … or in my building, or in my family.

It is the fear of the danger that leads me to the end of existence.

A person who decides not to know, accepts his condition as a slave, accepts his condition of submission; Knowing is the condition for me to break free from myself and social strings.

True love is the love of difference, the same love is a narcissistic love.

Happiness is to preserve energy for things that are worth it.

Being hated by some people is a great honor. It would be terrible if I was loved by those who hate it.

What every fundamentalist state fears is people’s education.

we live in a world where normal are crazy, and the madmen are normal.

Every act of erecting, building is an act of stone the stone. Where a stone can only be placed, when the previous one is already taking its place.

It is up to the teacher, especially the educator, to take the obstacles between the person and the knowledge, and to feel, the teacher and educator, how knowledge has transformed that person.

It is in knowledge that there is a chance of liberation.

When I see young asking for the return of the dictatorship, I feel that I, as a history teacher, failed.

shame is disappearing.

vanity is always strong. Disguised as humility then, she is overwhelming.

As I prefer to feel watched than alone, I prefer to feel criticized than dropped by indifference.

We no longer fix human relationships, we exchange. When exchanging shoes, computers and people we love with others, we replace the pain of wear with the vanity of the novelty.

The internet is a neutral tool like a hammer: either fix or destroys.

Offense is a personal failure.

There is no neutrality in history. Neutral, for historian, is only coconut soap. Every opinion is political.

Changing is very difficult, but not changing is fatal.

Ease is the name that tramps give to the effort of others.

Solitude does not mean isolation, but it is the conscience that my pain is my pain, and in fact no one is responsible for my failure and no one is responsible for my happiness.

Living without ethics gives much more work.

My fear is not based on the function that ends, but the life that continues.

We are screaming desperately to be observed. We feel very lonely.

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