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What matters most in life is the people who remain by your side. That’s why it’s so important to tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life. When the year is running out, send a loving message full of good votes to your friends. Check out happy new year messages and quotes for friend and share your gratitude!


Good thing I had you by my side this year I passed. Thank you for being my strength. Happy New Year, friend!

Without you my year would not have been so fun. May we get a lot ready this New Year. I love you!

Nothing makes me so happy than counting on your friendship in every year. Happy New Year, friend!

You give me so much strength that I just want to be by your side doing the same for you. Happy New Year, friend!

I just want to thank you for your friendship and wish you a special new year, full of peace, love and beautiful achievements!

You are one of the people I want to keep in my life in every year. May it be so this new year!

friend, may your New Year be very lit and may we live great things side by side!

Happiness will knock on your door this new year and fill you with reasons to smile and celebrate!

I just went to wish you peace, love, success and many achievements. I know you closely and I know it deserves it all. Happy New Year!

Lucky to have you in my life stay up this new year. I love you, friend!

That in this new year you start over, reinvent yourself and rediscover. I love you, friend!

How good it is to count on you and know that our friendship surpasses everything. Happy New Year. Shine even more on the days to come!

You illuminate my life with your friendship and I just wish you shine even more this new year!

Happy New Year! May it be a year of peace, my friend. After so many fights, you deserve only victories!

I will be by your side to celebrate this year’s achievements and help you by giving strength in the battles. Happy New Year, friend!

I hope to see you smiling a lot, shining everywhere and living your dreams this new year, friend!

It is time to renew and cultivate hope, friend. Be strong because many joys will come. Happy New Year!

Your friendship is a beautiful gift I love to have and I want to keep next year. Happy New Year!

It is wonderful to celebrate our friendship and another year that we win everything together. Happy New Year!

I cheer for you a lot and I know you will win the challenges that will come this year. Happy New Year, friend!

May perseverance be by your side and never abandon you. Happy New Year, friend!

With you by my side, life looks like a constant party. May this new year not be different!

You are my certainty in the chaos of life and I just want our friendship to grow even more this new year!

So many plans to do this New Year and I know you will be able to conquer them all, friend!

May you have peace and clarity in your goals, that you run after them with great courage. Happy New Year, friend!

Leave the excuses behind and take with you only the courage to live and accomplish. Happy New Year, friend!

Friend, a new year is waiting for you. Don’t keep your head in the past. Focus only on the future!

Your friendship made my year be lighter and I hope it continues the year to come. I love you!

It is the people who make life worthwhile and you are one of them. Thank you for your friendship in another year. Happy New Year!

May God bring peace in your heart and give strength to your days. I know your year will be amazing, friend!

In this new year learn to trust you more and see you as a strong woman, the way I see.

It’s time to celebrate the good things we live and forget the bad. Happy New Year, friend!

Happy New Year! May happiness fill your heart and show you how good it is to be alive and next to those who love you.

Your year will be amazing because I will be by your side helping you build the best memories, friend!

I passed to wish you a lot of travel, a lot of joy, a lot of love and the most beautiful days of your life. Happy New Year!

The New Year brings that breath to the heart and gives us courage to start all over again. May it be like this with you, friend!

This new year, be sure to look for me when you need me. I will always be here, friend!

I already thanked God for your friendship and asked Him to bless your New Year with only what is good!

May your New Year be lit and your smile shines at all times, friend!

friend, thanks for making my year be amazing. Now I want to make your New Year even better. I love you!

The year starting will be much better than what happened. I wish you many achievements and joys, friends!

Enjoy starting over and walking the path you have always dreamed, friend. Happy New Year!

The end of the year is tiring, but the beginning of a new restoration and hope. May it be like this with you!

May your heart fill with optimism and that you really trust that everything will work out. Happy New Year!

Break barriers, live the unexpected and make more than you can imagine. Happy New Year!

your friendships remain strong and united in the year you will start. And to praise this friendship whenever you feel in your heart that is the time, check out love messages and quotes and say how special it is!

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