45 funny gym messages and quotes to laugh while your shirt

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Workout is not always easy, especially when the arrangement does not find you when training. However, for the sake of your health, it is important to continue dedicating yourself, putting your body in motion, even if you need to do it laughing at you. Have fun raising weight with the best funny gym messages and quotes and share with your training partners!

Funny gym messages and quotes that will have fun when working out

I just take a long time to leave home with a lazy to go to the gym, but when I get there, I want to do everything quickly to get out soon.

It’s been 1 week since I’m training and I’m not hot yet. There is something wrong.

My favorite place to gossip is the gym because then I get less than training.

I work out to be able to eat and drink, getting hot is a consequence.

On Monday, my training is always bigger than Friday. It is the weight of the beginning of the week

If I had a mattress like mine at the gym, I would go every day.

The longest 15 minutes of my life are those of heating on the treadmill.

When you want the desire to train, I’m running because it doesn’t always appear. Sit down, pass.

After training, my body looks like an old complaint: everything I do, it hurts and it grumbles.

Difficult to control the anxiety of seeing the muscle growing after 1 day of training.

I love gym, I just don’t like training.

I like to train, I just wish I wouldn’t make me so finished.

After leg training, I need a cane to be able to walk properly.

I need to remember that I pay the gym to be able to train because I don’t like spending money for nothing.

I made an annual plan at the gym by trusting that my future self will make my money from the past is worth it.

I arrive at the tired gym and leave the same way.

To pamper me, always as something tasty in post training to condition my good behavior. After all, I am to be congratulated for training.

I admire who is beautiful training. I get disheveled, finished and sweaty.

I will not find the love of my life in the gym because I am always in decaying condition.

Training arm and I can’t hold my cell phone, leg training and I can’t walk. Am I training or killing myself gradually?

Who is that hot in the gym mirror? Ah, it’s me who training and I’m gate!

I feel so well after training, because I get so tired that I sleep like stone.

I don’t train in the morning because I have no willingness to live after killing myself at the gym.

I jumped the warming on the treadmill because the warmth of emotions is already alive with each exercise.

The face looks angry at the gym because no one knows what is playing in my headset.

Registration is done. All that remains is to make a desire to work out and make the money I pay.

training is paid because it is being deposited on my card every month, not because I’m going.

I want to be hot, but I don’t want to train, what should I do?

If the gym went to my house, I wouldn’t lose one day, because the problem is going there.

I like to train, I just don’t like to do it every day.

I create competitions with myself so as not to give up training when I realize that I am winning.

Training on Friday should bring double result.

The more weight I get up, the more I feel the gym humiliates me.

I work out to be able to have beer without fault of being happy.

can speak badly about me. When the butt is on the back of the neck, you will know that I use it fuel to train at the gym.

I confess that I go to the gym more to see my friends than to train.

The more I train, the more I like the result and the less I like the process.

Focus on health and training because, focus on something else, I’m going home to sleep.

I think it’s beautiful to wake up early to work out, I wake up early to stay in bed.

I would like to be those people who train at lunch time because the gym gets empty and no one sees my shame.

Going to the gym is very cool, it is difficult to train and leave after leg training.

If I want to raise a lot of weight, I get up, the point is that I don’t want to.

I’m making up of the gym, because, destroyed, the leg is enough. Imagine the face!

I love to exercise, but there are so many other things that I love a lot more.

I sent my laziness away and asked you not to find me while I’m at the gym. It doesn’t always work!

Use this good mood to motivate you to train. When you are there, register to prove that training has been paid and post with one of the photo messages and quotes at the gym and do not lose focus on your goal!

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