45 funny good weekend messages and quotes for fun and rest

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The weekend is the time to rest body and mind. You can go out and have fun or get good at home enjoying laziness. Regardless of the way you enjoy these days, enjoying it should be your choice. So, see funny messages and quotes for good weekend and laugh good when sharing the best!

Funny messages and quotes for good weekend because you deserve amazing days

The weekend has arrived, do not choose to pass it all the time in bed, but if you want, it is released!

Every day of the week step with mood of Lula Mollusco, there is a weekend I look like SpongeBob. Why will it be?

Weekend mode will be activated in a few seconds, don’t look for me to talk about work. In the second, it will be the work that will talk about me.

As I worked this week, I needed a 7 -day rest weekend.

You have to love the weekend as if there was no Monday, but don’t tell him, but do like all the crushes: he runs away.

Smile, the weekend arrived and, with it, the desire to do memories. Just let’s go, after all, the love disappointments are not done alone.

The problem of the weekend is that it lasts short, passes fast and still misses.

that tears only find me on Monday, because the weekend is reserved for smiles only.

Tighten the belt, because the weekend is starting to take off with turmoil forecast. Stops, let’s not stay!

This weekend, what has a limit is municipality … and my credit card!

I made room in the refrigerator because this weekend, I will only be sober when it starts Monday.

If you sunbathe, we drink away from home; If it rains, we drink at home. No one holds!

Weekend already starts happy because it starts with “just joy”.

May the weekend last more than my patience!

Proof that I fall in love quickly is how sad when the weekend is over. The darn always leaves me.

The weekend goes by quickly for us to miss and wait for the next.

The best way to enjoy the weekend is doing what you like best, in this case, nothing.

Passing the weekend dating is good because you have someone to get things for you when laziness attacks.

Weekend standing is good for mosquito, I like it is the excitement.

If everyone knew how they love the weekend, life would be a better place.

If there was another day between Saturday and Sunday, my quality of life would be tripled.

My plan for the weekend is to leave home and only come back when she misses me.

If you see me in the ballad this weekend I greeted me because this is a rare scene.

I already put on my clothes to enjoy the weekend: my pajamas!

My weekend will be just joy because the salary has just fallen into the account.

expectation for the weekend is always more intense than the weekend itself.

I will spend the weekend forgetting that the second will arrive not to suffer before the time.

I met several new places on my weekend, for example, the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom …

I’m so curled to make plans and, when I see, the weekend passed and I couldn’t do anything.

I don’t want the weekend to spend fast because I want to have more time to do nothing.

I made a deal with the weekend: it goes slowly and I enjoy every second.

For this weekend, I accept someone who pays my beer … It’s not flirting, it’s because I’m out of money.

I pretend you don’t want to do anything on the weekend, but it’s because my wallet forbids me from leaving home.

The weekend will only be perfect when it lasts 5 days.

A weekend of sun for us and that the rain falls only on Monday.

Do not create expectations for the weekend so as not to frustrate when you have no want to do anything.

My weekend is not spoiled by the arrival of Monday because it will be a holiday.

I already separated the wines and movies and I will spend my weekend well, the way I like it.

Two perfect days to sleep and I hope insomnia doesn’t bother you.

I start drinking on Friday and only stop Sunday night because the second obliges me.

Living a complicated relationship with the weekend. He always disappears when I want him around!

If the second turn weekend, I stop talking bad about her.

The weekend is faster than the speed of light and has nothing to prove me the opposite.

The best company for my weekend is my bed.

The defect of the weekend is that he likes running and can pass faster than the other 5 days.

That you can have fun and enjoy not only the weekend, but every day of your life. For this, see also cheerful messages and quotes and be inspired to be happier!

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