45 Funny friend’s day messages and quotes to share affection and humor

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Friendship is important at all stages of life, so it received July 30 to be celebrated. Everyone needs to have who to count on, who to make a bland joke or share the last gossip of the moment. We have selected the best funny friend’s day messages and quotes that will demonstrate the importance of this bond with a lot of humor. Check it out!

Funny and sarcastic friend’s day messages and quotes that will express the importance of friendship

The best idiots wouldn’t be the best if I hadn’t lived them by your side. Happy Friend’s Day!

There are 2 species of boring: the boring properly dictated and friends, which are our boring favorite.

I’m sure you would never have chosen me as a friend, but I love the stark difference between us that complements us. Sometimes I leave deaf, but that’s fine. Happy Friend’s Day!

You piss me off every day of the year, but I love you anyway, prove that we don’t choose who will love!

Ah, dear friend! That on this friend of the friend God can give you two things that are missing in your life … Judgment and notion. The rest, you have everything, your perfect. I love you!

Dear friend, forgive me for all the guys I took and got sick, I made you lose the party taking care of me. I will be eternally grateful to you, but I will keep doing it, you know. Happy Friend’s Day!

On this special day of friends, I want to invite you to lunch out. How do you pay, Topa?

I was a decent and delicate person, but then I became your friend. Happy friend’s day, ogra!

You are boring, I’m boring … But, as negative with negative it gives positive, together we are cool. Happy Friend’s Day!

You are completely out of the house, but I love you, friend!

Happy friend’s day for you who calls a friend, but marks me in horrible photos just to humiliate me.

I want to wish you a happy friend to you, my precious friend, who every three months sends a message from Hi, and says we need to make an appointment that never happens. Still, without charges, I love you!

man, you are the worst friend of all time, but I am too, so everything is fine, we are even. Happy Friend’s Day!

Friendship Level: Laughing together for reasons that only we understand. Happy Friend’s Day!

We are that kind of friends who almost never talk, but when they speak it seems that nothing has changed … Even because our life is a little boring. Happy Friend’s Day!

Our friendship is equal to a truck without a brake on the descent: it goes over everything. Happy Friend’s Day!

More than a friend, you illuminate my life, as it is the candle of my relationship. I love you! Happy Friend’s Day!

Happy friend’s day, but please stop wearing my clothes, devour my dismissal, steal my cell phone to take strange pictures and call my mother aunt.

You appeared without warning, broke into the door of my life and coerced me to like you … so today I want to wish you happy friend’s day!

You are that kind of friend that when I leave I miss you, but when you come back … I beg it to leave again. I still love you!

Happy person day you think a thousand times before fighting because you know all your secrets …

The basic rule of our friendship, you already know: if you fall I help to get up, but only after I stop laughing. Happy Friend’s Day!

Thank you for showing me that I’m not alone, having the same mental disorder as me. Happy Friend’s Day!

Keep my friendship forever, because finding friend as wonderful as I am difficult today. Happy Friend’s Day!

When two madmen meet, they recognize themselves. I found in you the same madness that dwelt in me. Happy Friend’s Day!

Today is a friend’s day and I don’t care what you are doing, I just want to tell you that I want my expensive gift!

It’s amazing how we can love someone even knowing all the defects of this person … Happy Friend’s Day!

I love being your friend, but on this friend’s day, I just ask you, please stop making me shame of others!

Clowning and laughing with you is always the best medicine for my sad days.

You are a bad influence for me, yet I love you!

Our friendship is the same as elephant ass: large and united. Happy Friend’s Day!

We just not born brothers because that would be too injustice with my mother. Happy Friend’s Day!

Happy friend’s day to the most gossiping, curious and Maria Fifi who has gone through this land. Never stop telling me the ruffles. I love you!

Happy friend’s day, for you, my gift from God that came wrong!

God created the distance because if I lived near you, I would be arrested. Happy friend’s day, bunch!

Happy Brother’s Day of another mother who is as boring and berious as a brother of the same mother.

Woe to you to get a new friend. The shame I pass with you are price and your exclusivity. Happy Friend’s Day!

They say that having a friend is priceless, but it is every damage you give me … Happy friend’s day!

Friend, before meeting you I thought you was boring and antipatic, now that I know you still finding it. Happy Friend’s Day!

Friend, you are like a tampon: you may not even avoid a tragedy, but surely never let me shed my own blood.

I effort to understand when life thought that both of us being friends would be super certain for human existence. Happy Friend’s Day!

is only 20 years old, but it looks like an old 90. Who is it? It’s my best friend. I love you!

I work to be the rich friend of this relationship, because if it depends on you we will be bankrupt … Happy friend’s day!

You are a friend who is not worth it … worth the whole chicken. Happy Friend’s Day!

A wonderful friend’s day, for that person who asks for my advice, but never follows!

It’s great to laugh with a friend, isn’t it? Having a friend is never being alone and thinking about it we also separate these friendship messages and quotes that show even more affection for this relationship.

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