45 Friendship messages and quotes at a distance to kill the longing with words

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It is great to find someone special with whom we identify, but unfortunately, sometimes that person does not live in the same city as us. Do not give up on this relationship, these distance friendship messages and quotes will prove that it is worth insisting on this love. Believe me, he will get even stronger. Choose one and send it now!

distance friendship messages and quotes that will give you strength to support this barrier

I don’t know what is bigger, my love or my longing. Ah, friend, I can’t wait to be together!

As long as we are below the same sky, no distance can separate us. I run the world to reach you, friend!

Being your friend from afar hurts, but not having you in my life would hurt a thousand times more.

If we have love, the rest is just rest. Our friendship is not content with crumbs.

I hired a guardian angel, I sent as a substitute to protect you when I am not around. I always want you well, my friend.

I know that this friendship may seem difficult. But think to me, what is easier? Take a plane or cut the heart ties? I get the first option.

The most beautiful bridge that unites our friendship is love. Nothing can separate us!

Every time your notification appears, my heart smiles. It’s so good to feel close to me, friend. I’m sending you a lot of affection back!

I’m telling us the time for us to laugh, gossip, hug and love yourself a lot. I can’t wait to drop this phone and talk looking in your eyes, friend.

Homesickness squeezes, but every time we see each other, it’s a party! I love you so much, friend.

Passing to remember that there is someone who even always pray for you. Friend, your happiness is mine too!

I’m very proud of our friendship. Even with the distance, we choose each other every day. This is even more special.

My affection for you is so great that it crosses the clouds and comes straight into your heart. I love you, friend!

Our friendship is living proof that those who really want to get a way. There are no excuses that are greater than this love.

friend, every day in my prayers I ask the daddy of heaven to take care and protect you. If I could, I would do it personally.

When you feel alone, look deep in your heart, I’ll be there. Or, take the phone and call me immediately.

Distance hurts, but it makes everything even more special. When we are together, the hugs are stronger, the wider smiles and the world a better place.

There is no stem tape that can measure our affection. There is no number that can quantify our love. Even from afar, always count on me, friend.

God sent you to make my life happier. Now it’s our mission to do everything to be always together. Let’s overcome this distance!

In my calendar there is already a heart marked the day we will see each other. Ah, friend, I can’t wait to find you in person!

It is not an option to give up on someone we love so much. That’s why I will never give up on you.

Our connection goes beyond the cell phone screens and reaches the bottom of the heart.

I hope for your happiness. But I also hope for the day that we will be together celebrating her. I’m missing you, friend.

With our friendship, my heart is always warm. Your affection goes beyond any barrier.

Being together goes far beyond physical space. Is to be kept to 7 keys inside the heart.

Our friendship is one of the things I am most proud of. No excuses, no complication. Only two people who want a sincere love in their hearts.

Loving you from afar is so bad, I want you live and color here.

You are loved friend and I pray for you. Although so far, I am.

I wanted to know how to fly from the top to be able to see you. Seeing you smile, see you dream, beautiful things I want to tell you. If an angel finds, I’ll ask him to protect you.

It’s been a long day without you, my friend, and I will tell you everything when I see you again.

You from there and me from here, looking at the same sky. What a cruel distance!

Soon or later, we will meet, I’m sure in a much better. I know that when I sing you can listen to me.

Not even time and distance will erase such true friendship. These are friends that I will take for my whole life.

I will never let you fall. I will face everything with you forever, I will be on your side despite all this.

Even if I don’t see you, I can feel when you think of me. It’s like not seeing the sun, but make sure it’s there. Turning the night, sorrows into joys.

The best part of me takes my way to you. This is what makes me stronger, makes me so well that I lose the fear.

I want to cry your cry, I want to smile your smile. Thanks for you exist, friend.

If you fall, stumble, I will lift you off the ground. If you lose faith in you, I will give you the strength to get out of this. Tell me that you will not give up, because I will be waiting.

I learned without the grammar that I miss you no translation. I need you so much, your love is what makes me grow. And knows how the hand itself every fear of my heart.

Who has a friend has everything.

Time will pass. The years will confirm the three words I uttered: friend, I’m here!

You’re not alone, I’m here with you. Although we are distant, you are always in my heart.

Because you know I would walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight.

It doesn’t matter if we live next to each other, or the other side of the world. You will always be my best friend.

so far from where you are. These miles have separated us from worlds and I miss you. I wanted you to be here.

With so many beautiful messages, I want to call her friend and mark the next meeting urgently. But in the meantime, you can continue to make her day happier with those affectionate messages and quotes for friend.

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