45 Find messages and quotes by a friend to gradually comfort the heart

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Losing a friend is a deep and difficult pain to overcome. When a dear person goes, only the longing and memories remain to relieve a little. Also, finding the right words to talk about this feeling can help as well. So, check out grief messages and quotes for friend and find a little comfort.

Mourning messages and quotes for Friend who calm down with words

Now, the memories of the amazing moments and the deepest longing are.

I’m in tears, my heart broken by pain and comforting myself with longing.

I prefer to think that when a friend is going to be not a goodbye, it is one until soon.

Everything that is alive, one day dies, but even knowing that, would never be ready for your loss, my friend.

Today the day dawned sad, but the sky is celebrating with your arrival, friend.

Today I am dressed in mourning by a very dear person. I miss eternal, my friend.

Sometimes the heart takes time to accept the loss of those we love. I will miss you forever!

I will always remember the conversations, laughter and all the cheerful moments we live together. In mourning for you, my great friend.

The presence is not about being together, so you are still alive in my memories.

Goodbye, friend! Forever I will gratefully remember everything we live.

taught me a lot of what I know, laughed and cried with me. And today I cry for your loss, my friend.

The memories of this fantastic friend will always be with me.

You were a friend and an amazing human being. Your lack will be missed in our hearts forever.

You are gone, but you will live in my memory forever. I love you, brother!

You showed me what is real friendship and today I am aimlessly without you. I miss you!

What comforts me is having beautiful memories with you, friend. They warm my hurt heart right now.

Your fight days ended, your days of glory arrived. And now, the blue sky is all yours.

It’s sad to lose you, but it would be even more than known you. Thanks for everything, my friend!

I look for the reasons for you to go anytime soon, it must be because it was born with a pure heart. Forever my best friend!

Go in peace, my friend! Here we will feel the pain of your departure forever.

Today my soul rains and I run through the eyes. Your lack will be missed forever.

Life always ends, but I never imagined losing you anytime soon and I will never be ready to live without you.

I don’t know why you are gone, how many miss I felt. And of sadness I will live and that goodbye, I could not give.

May God support and give my heart strength right now. Goodbye, friend!

Mourning by a dear friend. Words cannot express any sadness right now.

It’s hard to say anything in this moment of pain. I just want you to rest in peace.

I can’t say goodbye and I don’t even know how to accept your departure, my friend.

My great friend left, but friendship will always stay in memories and hearts.

I just wanted to give you a last hug from goodbye. Go in peace, my dear friend.

You are gone and I keep our friendship with me. Rest in peace!

I never imagined that one day I would have to say goodbye to you. Until always, my friend.

Today sadness overflows with my eyes … I never imagined losing a friend that way. Be at peace!

Go and rest, with the certainty that it will never be forgotten. Goodbye, friend!

How hard is the departure of someone so special … I hope that one day we will meet in eternity, my friend!

friend, nothing will be like before, but I ask you to accompany me from wherever you are. Rest in peace!

Today the world gets gray with its absence and the sky gains the most perfect colors. Until one day, my friend!

Your premature start has left me with so many doubts … How can God take someone away like this?

Now, our conversations will be through prayers. I will always remember you with affection … Rest in peace!

It is with soul pain that my heart feels this farewell. I will miss you forever!

Make sure our stories will be eternal in my heart. May God receive you with open arms.

That our memories are good enough to soften this pain that takes care of me today. See you soon, friend!

A friendship that even death does not end. Forever together, my friend! May God be with you.

Our separation is merely physical, you will be forever in my heart.

I hope to review you in my dreams … May your rest be forever in the father’s arms.

Mourning for a friend who went to live in the stars … shine to eternity!

Only time is able to calm the heart that has suffered a loss and bring acceptance. This is because, those who are important participate in their history with unique protagonism.

To soften some of your pain, check out these comfort messages and quotes and find the comfort you need at this time so difficult and delicate.

and remember: This is a merely physical separation, for those who at some point inhabit your heart will live in it for all eternity.

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