45 farewell messages and quotes for work friend who thank the partnership

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The work environment becomes a second home. Colleagues become dear friends. So when a special person cuts ties with the company, the team feels a great sadness. However, this is not the end of friendship. Check out the farewell messages and quotes for work friend and don’t let her out of your life!

Farewell messages and quotes to work friend who will bring friendship to another level

Friend, I miss you! I wish you all the success of the world for you. May your new journey be full of happiness and your growth go beyond the professional!

We will not work together anymore, but the friendship we build is greater than any farewell. You can always count on me, friend.

Friend, our friendship is proof that the finals can be beautiful. You were the great gift that work brought me. Much success!

The company will never be the same without its animation. Friend, follow your dreams and always count on me.

We will no longer see each other at work, but Happy Hour is already combined. I don’t see myself living these moments without you. Rock your new cycle, friend!

Thank you very much for all the exchanges we had. Friend, you have a special place in my heart. Much success in your professional journey.

When you want to complain about the new boss, I’m here, friend! Nothing is going to change. Success. I hope for its growth.

I learned so much from you, friend! Thanks for the partnership. Good luck in the new work. They will be lucky to have such a competent employee as you.

My heart is divided: sometimes you squeeze longing, sometimes vibrates with joy for you. May your new work be amazing, friend!

Friend, you were my biggest motivation at work. I will keep every moment with love. Good luck and always count on me.

Friend, you start, but your teachings remain with me. I wish the new journey be of achievements and joys.

Today you close another step. It can go out with the feeling of accomplishment, as you are an amazing professional. Success, friend!

Friend, it’s time to fly further and reach everything you have always dreamed of. I will miss you at work.

Go looking for your dreams, but never forget about old friends. We are already missing.

Today we end a chapter of joy, partnership and success. You deserve everything more beautiful that life has to offer, friend. Enjoy your new cycle.

This is not a goodbye, it is one even soon, very soon. That the friendship built at work lasts forever.

Friend, follow happy for your new adventure. Working with you was a transformative experience. It would not be the same person without you. I will miss you.

Friend, you were essential for my personal and professional growth. I wish you to be immensely happy. Your smile illuminates all environments.

friend, take my hug and all my affection with you. May your fresh start is beautiful.

Friend, you are irreplaceable. No one will be able to fill the void that your departure will leave in our work environment. Miss.

When I look back, I’m sure we live the best moments. You are an amazing professional. Very successful, friend!

Friend, that farewell is a new starting point for you. You can count on me!

We live beautiful moments, friend. I will miss you, but I’m happy to see you conquering your dreams.

I knew this moment would arrive, someone big as you deserve to take off! Friend, I’m going to cry, but I’m so happy to know that you have made the best decision for your professional career.

Friend, your professional dedication is a great inspiration to me. A lot of joy on your new journey.

You are the gift that work brought close to me and will not get rid of me for a long time. I will miss you, friend.

friend, promise you won’t forget me? May your new route be radiant.

I wish all the good vibrations to accompany you in the new work. Friend, that our friendship remains firm and strong.

friend, you will leave work, but I will never let you get out of my life. I like you very much.

Today is your last day at work, friend. I loved every moment we share and know we’ll still live much more. May your achievements be huge!

Friend, I liked you from the first day of work. Our partnership was worth it. May your new adventure be amazing.

Friend, thank you for all the laughs, advice and motivations. Good luck in the new work!

You will always be part of our team. His work was essential for the company’s growth. I’m sure your new career will be amazing.

Great opportunities appear for amazing professionals. Congratulations, my friend! We will miss the company.

I’m not sad about the farewell, I just miss it. May your professional career be very successful, friend.

friend, you leave but will remain in my heart. With you, you live the best days at work.

It is the people who make the work environment special. Your joy united our team. We will miss you, friend.

Friend, know that you were very important for my professional development. Follow your way and rock the new job.

I make myself tough, but inside, my heart is already crying to miss you. Good luck in the new job, friend.

Friend, your efforts were rewarded. You planted many beautiful things in the company and in my life. I will miss you.

Friend, that the farewell of work is the beginning of a new approach to us. I want you to continue in my life. Always bring news!

You always welcomed me and helped me with the difficulties of the work. All my thanks, friend. Follows your trajectory in search of your dreams.

Cultivated friendship overcomes all the farewells. I’m cheering for your success in the new job, friend.

The day of the farewell, friend came! Glad to have worked with you. A very tight and affectionate hug!

Without you, the company will be sadder. When you miss me, you can look for me.

Your work friend will love to know that she marked her life. Enjoy and check out the farewell and thank you to make this moment full of motivation and start!

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