45 farewell messages and quotes for co -worker who want to be very successful

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It is so good to work alongside people who mark our lives. We have learned a lot from our co -workers and want them to be very successful and recognized. Therefore, the time to say goodbye is full of emotions. With that in mind, we have selected the best farewell messages and quotes for co -worker who want a lot of success in the new stage. Check it out!


I don’t believe we won’t see each other every day, but I believe in your success and I know you deserve this new phase. Rock!

Already mark a happy hour to kill the longing to talk and exchange experiences. Good luck in the new job!

You will now brighten the routine of other people. Good luck my friend. Shine a lot!

I always believed in your potential and knew this time would come to you. Be very successful in the new job!

Our team is losing a very dedicated and special professional. We will miss you!

You are being rewarded for effort and professionalism. Be very successful in your new job!

You have prepared your whole life for this. Now grab this opportunity with nails and nails. Good luck!

You taught me so much and made me a better professional. Thank you very much! I will miss you in my routine.

It will be difficult not to see you every day, but know that I am a message away. Success, my friend!

I want to thank you for teaching me so much and sharing with me everything you knew. I will miss you in my daily life!

If everyone were professionals like you, the world would be better. Be very happy in this new phase.

Good luck at new work and make sure they are winning a competent, dedicated and creative professional!

I’m sure our relationship will continue after your departure. I wait for you in the happy hours of life!

I miss our mornings and coffee. Light the lives of new people in your new work!

We built a beautiful friendship at this time and I know that the distance will not knock it down. Shine a lot in your new work!

We will no longer be co -workers, but we will remain friends. I hope for you and I know it deserved this new opportunity.

The time has come to show elsewhere everything you are: an amazing professional. Much success, my friend!

It was an honor to work with you and learn so much by your side. Go teach other people and shine in your new job!

You marked my daily life and I will miss you so much. Be very successful in this new stage!

very sincerely, I wish you much happiness in the new job. You are dedicated and a great company. Everyone will worship you.

Dear colleague, I am very happy for you and the way you are walking. You are an inspiring professional and deserve to realize your dreams!

I record my gratitude for your generosity and for teaching me so much in the time we work together.

I always knew this day would arrive because you like to fly loudly. You deserve so much. Good luck in the new job!

I have the teachings stored in my chest and gratitude for helping me grow. Much success in your career!

I loved the friendship we build at this time and know that I hope for success wherever you are!

I will miss you in my routine, but I know we will keep in touch because we become friends. Good luck in the new job!

I won’t want you luck because you get everything out of merit and it will be so on the new job. Congratulations, my dear colleague!

Revive the moments we live together and I’m sure you will have many achievements and achievements in this new phase. See you soon, my friend!

having you as a workmate was an honor. Now, shine next to new people in this new stage!

You are very dear to us all and you will also be dear to your new job. We will miss you!

Having you in our team was very valuable. I thank you for the time we work together and wish you fly higher and louder.

We record our gratitude for the time we work together and that you inspire us to always be better.

It’s not a goodbye, it’s just one as soon as I know we’ll keep finding ourselves. Be very successful in your new job!

I’m not a fan of farewells, but I know this is for a good cause. Enjoy your new phase, colleague!

Your talent deserves to be shared with the world. Congratulations on the new job. We will miss you!

Be very lucky and get everything you propose to accomplish. You are capable of much more. Success, my dear colleague!

It was worth meeting you and working with you. Now we have formed a beautiful friendship. Shine a lot in this new stage!

The world is big and you too, so go to conquer it. Good luck in this new phase!

I’m sure you will have many achievements in this new job. I keep cheering for you and I will miss you.

We are losing a great professional, but you deserve to follow your dreams. I wish you much success!

It was many years together and many achievements. Now you will shine alone and I am cheering for you.

Keep sharing your talent with the most people. You will shine a lot on your new job, I’m sure!

We will miss you in our routine and your animation. Count on us for whatever you need!

Your talent and professionalism are being recognized. Congratulations! I will miss you in my daily life!

This farewell is not easy because you rejoiced my routine. Be very successful in the new job and always count on me!

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