45 Christening messages and quotes for godson who make your commitment to him

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It is an endless honor to be invited to become godmother or godfather of a child. The baptism is a very important sacrament that consecrates the life of the little one to the Lord. Tell your boy how happy you are to receive this responsibility to guide you in the faith. For this, check out the best christening messages and quotes for godson!

Christening messages and quotes for godson who celebrate this moment of great joy

God is receiving you for the sacrament of baptism and I am receiving you as my godson, son of the heart. I love you!

The heart overflows with love and I feel honored to become your godmother of baptism today. This was the day the Lord made to become a spiritual family! Count on me, beautiful child.

Today, God will enter your heart and never leave. Today you will live in my heart as a child generated by God. As a godfather, I commit to guiding you in the faith!

I thank God for the gift of being your godfather and I ask you to bless me on this beautiful mission!

God is sealing your life on this day with love to receive you through baptism. What a pride I feel for you, godson! I thank your family for trusting me the most precious good!

You have been consecrated to the Lord and I received the mission of guiding you on this walk. How much honor! I will fulfill her with a lot of love, godson!

We are creating an eternal bond on this day. I know God will guide your steps, my little one!

You will be very happy, godson, because God has already received you in your arms and promised you a beautiful life in your presence! Tell me to remind you of how loved by the Lord.

becoming your godmother will be a very large achievement. Anyway, I will live the spiritual motherhood. May you feel God entering your little heart this day!

I can’t wait for the moment I will hear you calling myself. Know that I will always take care of you. May God bless your christening!

It is so beautiful to see the choice your parents made to consecrate you to the Lord. I am also grateful for being chosen as a spiritual father in this mission of leading you through the ways of Him, godson.

You have been baptized and delivered to the Lord. I am thrilled for this moment and for being your godmother for life.

We assume responsibility to help in your creation and teach you everything we know about the daddy of heaven!

God blessed our bond and I will always be by your side because this is the will of Him. I love you, godson!

On this special day of your baptism, I only ask God to enable me to be the best godmother you deserve.

You have been consecrated to God and He will always be with you, just like me, your godmother. I love you!

You have been baptized and consecrated to God. May your life illuminate ours, my little godson!

My love will be eternal, just like that of God. May you feel your presence in your life from today!

So small and already consecrated to the Lord! It is an honor to be your godfather and remain beside you for a lifetime.

You will not remember the day of your baptism, but I will never forget and make this call to be the Son of God. I love you, my godson!

I was chosen by God, your parents and you. What honor to be your godmother baptized. May the Lord bless you always.

The beautiful sacrament of baptism will be given to you and will do everything in your life to be more special, an eternal praise to God. I love you, godson!

Let’s follow God’s Way together and I will guide you in everything I can, asking the heavens to be immensely happy. I love you, godson!

On your christening day, your walk in faith began and I committed to always walking by your side!

I will always be here, holding your hand and reminding you that you are an angel consecrated to God, my little one!

Your journey in faith begins today and I know it will be beautiful, because everything that comes from God is perfect. May God bless you, my godson!

You are the newest angel consecrated to God and He rejoices with this act. I am also very happy to be part of this story, my godson!

I promise to be faithful to this eternal commitment we are establishing. Baptism is a blessing from God, my little godson!

I assume the responsibility of being your godfather with an open heart to all the wonders God will do in our lives.

My heart overflows with joy when I see a baby I love so much will be consecrated to the Lord.

I will accompany you for a lifetime and I will always be present by your side. Congratulations on the baptism, godson!

I will be the person who will accompany you in everything and teach you to listen to the Lord. And you will be my godson all my life!

The sacred sacrament of the christening is beautiful to see. You will not just be another child that God receives with love, but a soul called to be great in the mission of bringing the name of Him to the nations. Count on me in this call. I love you, godson!

A little angel of the Lord, is now my godson. What an honor! I thank God for your baptized and for receiving Him in your arms.

You have just been baptized and I have learned so much from you. Our journey together will be amazing, godson! May God bless us in this call to be a spiritual family and we can grow in stature of faith to witness the wonder of being entirely of Him.

godson, I promise to guide you and guide you closer to God!

Your life will be beautiful and happy because it has already begun being consecrated to God. I love you, godson!

You are a light splash that now call godson. What honor to receive this mission in my life!

You are light in our lives and have established a beautiful bond with the Lord. I’ll be your godmother with great pleasure! I wish nothing but to be happy following the Word of God.

I thank God and his parents for the honor of being his godmother of baptism. May Jesus guide us on this beautiful mission!

God bless you, my godson. May you never deviate from Him’s path and always remember the importance of your baptism. I will always be around interceding for your mission!

Your life will be blessed because it started with baptism and will have a family interceding to be happy. Always count on me, godson!

This beautiful moment will be blessed by God. I am honored to be your godfather and will fulfill this mission with love.

Your parents took an important step in your life. Today you have been called to be a child of God. May your journey be blessed by him, my little godson! Count on me in prayers.

Our history as a godfather and godson begins now. May God bless us on this mission, my little one!

May you commit to this mission and always be present in his life. To remind you of how special for you is, check out godson messages and quotes and declare your love of godmother or godfather!

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