45 Catholic Easter messages and quotes to celebrate this important date

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Considered as one of the most important dates for Catholics, Easter marks the end of Lent and the Resurrection of Jesus. A moment of celebration, but also of deep reflection that helps renew faith and feed all love for the Lord. So how about sending that beautiful message to celebrate this special day? See the best Catholic Easter messages and quotes!

Catholic Easter messages and quotes that demonstrate the joy of the resurrection of Jesus

By celebrating the love of Jesus shed on the cross, I wish you the most select blessings of God and much peace, love and unity in your family!

Proof that God is with us is not the fact that we never fall, but the fact that we always get up! Have a blessed Easter.

May the light of the risen Christ always illuminate his way. Happy Easter!

That life is renewed. May love and justice spread. May hope and faith always dwell our hearts. And may the passion of Christ illuminate the path of good!

The great gift of Easter is hope, the one lived by Mary at the feet of the cross. She knew it was not the end. That we update in our virtue, certain that, in the hands of God, there is always more to come!

that the certainty of Christ’s resurrection is in your heart today and forever. Happy Easter!

Easter is a time when God has transformed the inevitability of death into the invincibility of life.

Easter, time of celebration! He died and rose for the sake of you!

The resurrection of Christ is another proof that love and life are eternal. Happy Easter!

Easter is rebirth, it is a restart, it is a symbol that reminds us that everything can be improved. Happy Easter!

May Easter be a new start and the promise of a new life for you!

To celebrate Easter is to be grateful to God for giving us new life in Christ. May He bless your whole family!

Easter is about love that is given, hope in God’s promise and happiness found in eternal life. May you have a lot of each!

that our faith be invigorated by the certainty that Christ has risen and is among us. Happy Easter!

Do not abandon themselves to despair. We are the people of Easter and Hallelujah is our song.

In this Easter, I wish you that Jesus’ victory over death is the source of all your victories!

I am the resurrection and life; Whoever believes in me, even if he is dead, will live. Happy Easter!

Blessed be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he regenerated us to living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ among the dead.

Easter is resurrection, time to celebrate the renewal of life in Christ and with Him.

Happy Easter! For if we believe that Jesus died and rose, so also to those who sleep in Jesus, God will bring them with Him.

and this is the promise He made us: eternal life.

God is so merciful that he sent his only son to save us. That in this Easter we can celebrate its true meaning!

We proclaim the resurrection of Christ when its light illuminates the dark moments of our existence. Happy Easter!

It was on the cross that he gave us the greatest proof of love possible. That contact with the sacraments select in us the conviction of the living presence of this infinite love. Happy Easter!

What a joy! Jesus rose to bring us life, hope and divine love. Happy Easter!

That in this Easter the sacrifice of Christ can make abode in his heart and the intercessor love of Mary comes to your home!

Mary, mother of Jesus, did not abandon him even on the cross. May we also be like this, in this Easter and every day of our lives. Happy Easter!

From the manger to the cross, Mary has always been with Jesus. May this love be present in your home in this Easter!

Mary saw her son surrender for love and mercy to humanity and had faith. May the love of Mother she gave is meaning in her heart every day. Happy Easter!

Mary, Mother of Christ. The woman who gave birth to our Savior and was with him until her last breath. Nevertheless, Christ himself presented us with her as a mother of humanity. May this Easter bring all the love she inspired!

has no greater love in the world than the surrender of Jesus to the cross. Happy Easter!

Easter is not about chocolates or bunnies, it is about the love of Jesus for all of us. It is renewal and new life!

More than a simple holiday, Easter is a period of reflection and much love. After all, he is among us. He lives!

May this Easter renew our faith in God, our love for Jesus and our devotion for Mary.

Risen Christ is a reason for celebration and celebration, for He has died for us and now lives for us.

The end of Lent and Easter celebration is a period of deep reflection. And that all this can extend for the other days of the year!

Let’s celebrate the life, resurrection, and love of Jesus for all of us. After all, it’s Easter!

Forget the bunny, who brings true love to our homes is risen Christ!

Period of renewal, Easter reminds us of all that Jesus has done and does for us every day. May our delivery to the daily cross lead us to salvation!

May the joy of Easter can be felt every day of your life!

Jesus’ greatest achievement was not to resurrect the dead, but the ability to resurrect the living. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Christ’s resurrection is another proof that love and life are eternal.

Smile and celebrate this day! Jesus Christ has won death and will be with us forever! Happy Easter.

Make no mistake, happiness is not in the candy box or in the chocolate egg. Happiness is in the living Christ! Happy Easter.

Easter is God’s manifestation, it shows us that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.

How good it is to be able to celebrate risen Christ, isn’t it? Be sure to take a look at these Easter Nfrases for the family to celebrate with special people.

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