45 Baby nephew messages and quotes that say how much he is loved by you

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It’s so nice to see the family grow, especially with the arrival of such a beautiful and special baby. Celebrate this change in your life with great affection. For this, check out the best messages and quotes for baby nephew and say how much you are loving the title of uncle. Promise your little one that you will always be by him!

Baby nephew messages and quotes that narrow ties with their small

I just got the best gift in life. Nephew, know that I will take care of you for all your life.

I love your smell of baby, your banguelo smile is beautiful, your curves are irresistible … I’m Aunt Babona and I don’t deny.

I imagined knowing true love, but since I became his aunt, I found that he is purer than I had experienced.

You were born so small and so beautiful. Pulled the beauty of the uncle, right?!

I made a list full of plans to live together, nephew. You can be sure that I will make your life always happy.

I don’t know if it’s luck or blessing, but I’m too happy to have the cutest nephew in the world to call mine.

I thank your parents for giving me my new favorite title, Aunt’s. I love you, my little nephew.

I took you in my arms and felt: I was born to be your aunt!

God was too good with our family. He gave us the most beautiful baby to love and take care. You are special, nephew!

A lot of cool things will happen in your life, nephew, and I will be by your side in each of them. I love you!

Everything you do makes me delighted. I’m entirely in love with my nephew.

I have already visualized all the cool things that we are going to do together, nephew. We will be best friends, believe me.

I just won my new adventure partner. Nephew, the world will be small for both of us!

The most beautiful little thing in this world is my nephew and I am grateful to God for the opportunity to see him grow.

You still have a lot of life ahead and you can be sure that I will be by your side at each stage, nephew.

I won’t let you go from my lap ever. After all, you are the most beautiful baby in the world, nephew.

When you were still in the belly, I just wanted this day to arrive soon. How good it is to hold you in your arms, nephew!

Soon I, I’m all tough, I’m melted by a baby, my nephew.

How can everything you make is cute? The most perfect baby in the world is my nephew!

Life has had more sense since I held my nephew on my lap and he smiled at me.

My wish is to see you grow and be able to make you smile and play with you at all your ages, nephew.

Even so small, it teaches me that love can dominate our hearts and make everything different. Titio loves you!

Our family was waiting for you and God sent us the most laughing angel in the world. Thanks, sir!

I already foresee that this will be the most lasting and true relationship of my whole life, nephew!

You are so small and so fragile, but you have taught me so much about love, nephew.

My heart makes jumps of joy whenever you smile, nephew. You are too beautiful!

How can it be so small? A special, beautiful boy who smiles to everyone could only be my nephew.

What a beautiful baby, sure you pulled to your uncle. We will be partners in this life, my little one!

You owner of the little hands I want to hold back for a lifetime, nephew!

I will fill you with kisses and affection because it is impossible not to melt for the most beautiful baby in the world, nephew!

I will take care of you, protect you, brighten you and be the most fun aunt of all. This is a promise!

You are the angel who has restored love in my heart. You are perfect, nephew!

I always wished a nephew, but good that I waited the right time because you are perfect, my boy.

Life has changed meaning and everything I will do will be to see your beautiful smile, nephew!

My world has become, now I am aunt. How good is the feeling of having someone to give all my love.

Our family was in need of new air and now we have a new member that everyone loves with passion.

I will protect you as if it were mine because you are a family and I love you with everything I am, nephew.

Glad you arrived, nephew. I was looking forward to having you here and being able to fill you with love.

When you were in the belly, we already made a deep connection. Now the world will be small for both of us, nephew.

Our family is more complete and happy because now we have this beautiful baby to pamper. I love you, nephew!

I found out when you were born, that the best title in the world is uncle. You have become my favorite person, nephew.

Your parents don’t have to worry. I take care of you with the greatest pleasure, nephew. I want to pamper you for a lifetime.

I am ready to instruct you for life and give you the best advice. Count on me, nephew!

You have resignified my world with a few days of life. Imagine what you will do when you are big. I love you, nephew!

My nephew has just been born and already showed me that what was missing in my life was to be aunt.

Enjoy this phase with great affection because time goes by fast. To show your joy to have you in your life at all ages, check out messages and quotes for nephews and become your favorite uncle!

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