45 Anitta messages and quotes to share your biggest hits

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Funkeira carioca to international muse, singer Anitta carries a story of many hits. With striking hits, their songs full of attitude reflect their personality and earn more and more the music scene inside and outside our country. Check out Anitta’s best messages and quotes and share the one that doesn’t come out of your head!

Anitta messages and quotes to not let anyone stand still

call me and come see me. Confess your will!

and to scandalize, go around, I won’t stop until you see you freaking out.

We are really… it’s pure wit!

This mine is shameless, likes to touch the terror. Already gave me insomnia, my quiet is over.

I want to see if you will hold the whole night without being able to touch me.

It may be just fun, but my intention will not say, I will only know!

comes close, you can paste together that the bid here is right.

All produced, I leave you hot. Sweet and abused, make you get lost.

I’m a case to be resolved, but I won’t get you involved. I know what we do and you will come back!

With playful girl way, the perfect formula for being able to command you.

The night is getting better and better. My legs will already knot.

So come, I’m not making much pressure, but I won’t stay in your hand.

But if time drives us away, it is because our love is too weak.

I’m not talking but I want you, it became focused, goal, I can’t understand.

If you want to play, but you have to risk it, come, it will be or no!

Come that I will hypnotize you in my talent!

I will kill your water thirst in the desert. Arrives at talent for us to stay.

ready to take you by heaven, crazy to prove.

crazy enough to like me, brave enough to go to the end.

I reboot, go crazy, clap, I deserve it!

Then hold the pressure, a lot of pressure. My intention is seduction.

catches, but don’t stick that I’m not gum!

Be that light that will shine eternity.

When it goes down, it is the same earthquake. She sits and doesn’t stop, she touches the terror.

weak loves do not deserve my time, no more.

Today I will do work on a different wave.

If it’s no longer comfortable, I go out where I entered. When I start dancing I drive you crazy, I know. Do what you want with me in the imagination. Man of your type I use, but if it gets there I say no.

I pretend, I am doing my theater, and I make you a clown, to dominate you.

True Love, Better than Brigadier. It has poetry in its smell.

my honey, remember that hotel room? You were from there and me, brush.

eternal nothing is, I can say, but I will do my best for our love to be.

Powerful, I’m almost an angel, hypnosis, I’ve won you. In this game we will see who will win

Look, you do me so well. Just looking at your eyes, baby, I’m already Zen.

You can’t burn yourself, so why play with fire?

smart like no one else. GOOD WILL GOING GOOD, WELL DOES YOU WELL.

I was afraid of a “I love you” to get out of my mouth, until one day he came out. I froze, I looked at you, you said “me too”; and smiled.

so beautiful, she is really beautiful. What is really hers, never loses its validity.

Within this armor, in this life. I am not Indiana Jones. So, without adventure.

It’s not evil, I like sincerity. I’m just telling the truth, I’m willing.

But if someone asks you, honey, it doesn’t say, let’s not let anyone know.

And she entered my mind in an indecent way. Not as more, I don’t sleep anymore, I’ll be sick.

is doing everything I send, thinking it will soon have me, but deep down, I’m just playing with you.

drops everything and come live… relax, enjoy life now and let it happen!

if gardener I go, I would irrigate our garden day and night.

My army is heavy and we have power. Threat things like: you!

Despite all national and international success, Anitta never forgot her origins in life and music. Remember with her, check out our special selection of funk messages and quotes and share!

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