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The Brazilian band Maneva was born in 2005. The group has since been successful with their songs with positive and harmony messages. This good vibe of songs is influenced by the band’s own musical style: The Raggae.

The name Maneva is an African word, and means “pleasure.” The group of friends joined to play without commitment, and seeing that everything went well and the songs pleased, went to success! We have selected the best sentences of Maneva for you who are already a fan of the band, and for those who are not knowing more about them. Read and get inspired!

Tattoo Management messages and quotes

Want to get a tattoo, but still don’t know what? In addition to a drawing, it can also be a sentence. Get inspired by these band messages and quotes that we selected:

crazy are those who say they are so normal.

Be dedicated, love what you do, build a character and help others.

On earth, our time is scarce. I have no time not to be love.

light that brings me peace.

I hear my heart, because my reason often hinders my thinking.

Be you, do not allow to forget.

Where there is kindness will flourish.

Love is what makes you happier.

To believe in the light that guides you in everything you do is value those you love even when you leave you back.

Love in any way is what makes you live.

Smile Management messages and quotes

Nothing more beautiful than a smile from ear to ear, right? Whether alone, with your boyfriend or friends, a smile always stays in the memory. We have listed some messages and quotes OF MANEVA for you to be inspired:

When I close my eyes I can always feel your eyes and your lips smiling at me.

On sun or storm days you will always feel that love is what makes you happier, smile.

All laughs, all lines were not rehearsed, they had to happen.

Let it come with loose hair, easy smile, carefree, give a hug, be able to disconnect me.

smiles, memories, beautiful feelings of transformations and rebirths.

most beautiful landscape is the smile of the beloved.

At night, in the fire, a good sound that rolled … through the smoke, several laughs.

In the chest euphoria, hugs, easy laughter.

The silence of a smile of yours is more than poetry someone wrote to me.

My verses, a gesture, smile, a procession.

messages and quotes FROM MANEVA FOR FACEBOOK

that the band has romantic songs we already know, but some are also very inspiring. We have selected some of them for you to share nofacebook! See:

I know, everything is right, but today I missed you.

I also prayed to see if you come, I will never get tired of waiting for you.

sound invaded the body, as if it were the air.

I prefer to have peace instead of being right.

Enjoy with pleasure while love still shines.

Go live without hurrying. Taste moments, soft or tense. Feel what life can teach you. I know it will dawn for you.

longing for the time, the old moments, the past years, which went with the wind.

If I live other lives, I will remember you.

My clean consciousness always worth more.

While you scent and, in clothes, choose a color, thousands also do the same in search of a great love, which lasts one night, a life or time to learn, that to love the other one must love to love You.

That rain wash our homes with all pain, all hurt and grudge.

I want a love for every day, without thinking about the farewell!

Clean your soul. Contact you.

Caption for photos with music from MANUVA

Maneva songs are all high astral and perfect for subtitles! How about posting that very good vibes photo and subtitling with a phrase of them? We selected the best for subtitles, check out:

I’ll sing to her that without her I don’t exist anymore.

Be for me what you want, as long as my love is.

Don’t get lost through the trail. Enjoy wanting good, even if it is farewell.

Ascended the blue of heaven in his own thoughts, did not think of his future, it was the moment.

His eyes had the brightness of the colors of the watercolor. Her hair in the wind was the most beautiful landscape. Had the complexity of a modern Venus.

I cultivated the principles of peace in the Spirit!

It’s late afternoon, I’m like that: no hurry, very calm, right…

When I find the window of your open soul nothing is bad.

The sound of your voice is for me, a sky that has no end…

Difficulties will also appear, as it is the inats that teach you how to grow.

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