43 messages and quotes for Grooms who congratulate them for this exciting moment

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Marriage is a magical and special event in a couple’s life. It is the moment when they decide to share with the people who are important to them, the love they feel for each other. From all the feeling of friendship, companionship and affection, we select beautiful messages and quotes for grooms so you can congratulate them. Check it out!

Best messages and quotes for Grooms

In a moment of so much love and emotion, there is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful phrase to dedicate to the owners of the night: the bride and groom! Come see!

Your love is unique and inseparable. Happiness to the bride and groom!

marriage is the union of two intended souls. All love of the world for you.

Seeing you both grow together is wonderful. I wish you all love and affection for you.

With great joy, I am a witness to this infinite love that is between you. Happiness to the bride and groom!

A beautiful story made of much companionship and support. May you have a wonderful life together, congratulations to the couple!

Your union is proof that love overcomes any difficulty.

Fate united you both to live together with love and affection. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

May your love be eternal in this beautiful family that begins!

May you always be happy, gaining dreams and overcoming battles. A great wedding for the bride and groom!

May your love be greater than any fight and disagreement so that you have a marriage full of complicity and affection!

May the lives of married be full of affection, patience and empathy. Cheers to the couple!

messages and quotes for Bride and Groom Friends

Seeing an important friend getting married is an exciting and unforgettable moment. Choose the perfect phrase that reflects the immensity of your friendship!

Having the honor of accompanying their history and being able to see them together in Union is one of the greatest privileges of my life.

My heart overflows with happiness to see you together, marrying and sowing love. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

You both have always been the concrete proof that love really exists. Happiness to the bride and groom!

I want to carry with me forever the friendship of both of you. You are very important to me and now seeing them together and marrying is very special! Congratulations!

I was on your side throughout the couple’s history. I followed you meeting, falling in love and now, getting married. All the happiness in the world for you, friends!

I really like the company of both of you, the conversations, the adventures we have lived and this beautiful friendship we have created over the years. A great marriage for you!

To the bride and groom, my vows of love and happiness. I want to cultivate this beautiful friendship we have for the rest of my life.

It is with a lot of emotion that I see you both entering another phase of life. May you have an amazing marriage, full of love and affection.

Throughout my life, I watched you both board together on several extraordinary adventures. This will be one more you will be very successful and many good memories.

I love your love. The affection and companionship that accompany them. You are an amazing and special couple. I wish the bride and groom a lot of happiness!

Seeing a friendship turning into love was an honor that I could have by your side. Best wishes!

I am very happy to be present at this wonderful party in which two such important friends will be the union. I love you so much, happiness always!

Catholic Groom messages and quotes

Seeing the couple before the altar, declaring their love before God is a beautiful experience. We have selected messages and quotes for Catholic bride and groom that emphasize the importance of the Holy Family in this new stage.

May this union be blessed by God and peace of the Holy Spirit fall upon this marriage and bless you both!

May the Lord be by your side at all times, blessing the couple a lot and guiding them together with the principles of our church.

I pray for Maria to guide your relationship, so that there is always a lot of understanding and affection between the two.

May your marriage become eternal and always be on the pillars of the Holy Catholic Church and divine love.

May your family mirror in the sacred family and always be very blessed with the Christian ways!

Happiness can only be found when we go hand in hand with our God and our holy virgin. Blessed be this family that is born now.

Blessed are you who have decided to provide your votes of marriage to the Church and our Lord. A lot of happiness to the beautiful couple.

Just as Joseph has entrusted in Mary, you should trust each other and always be willing to help themselves regardless of what happens. Good marriage!

Faith must be renewed every day, as well as the vows of a blessed and happy marriage. Good marriage!

Through the principles of the Catholic Church and the love of Jesus, you will have a very happy and blessed life. I pray a lot for you.

messages and quotes for Christian bride and groom

There is nothing more beautiful and sacred than to consecrate marriage before the love of Christ. See beautiful messages and quotes that bless the couple in the name of the Son of God.

May your love be strong and above it is only faith for our Lord. A lot of happiness to the couple!

You are in my prayers and prayers, may our Lord accompany them by the walk of life. My congratulations to the couple!

Remember that whenever there is any difficulty, it is in the love of our Lord that you found the answer. A beautiful union for both!

A happy engagement at both of all! Mirror themselves in the love of our God, who is daily and eternal, to always be supporting and loving themselves.

value every day that are married and together, for they are gifts of Christ. A wonderful wedding for both!

Always reinforce the faith that exists within each one, so that it is always strong in this home that is being born with marriage. Best wishes!

Jesus will never give up any of you, just as you should not give up on this beautiful union that begins. Much love in this new phase!

live together in prayer, rest with faith in Christ and trust each other, just as you trust our Lord. A beautiful wedding to the couple!

a good marriage to both of them! Always be the constant help of your partner and do not forget that God will always be there for you.

God is in the happy moments and in times of sadness, so never fail to trust and seek support and gratitude in it. May you have a beautiful union!

In marriage, it is always important to reflect on the couple’s love, empathy and happiness. With happy wedding messages and quotes you can check out beautiful excerpts about the happiness of marriage!

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