42 messages and quotes of missing those who died that make their memory alive

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The death of someone arouses eternal longing in the hearts of those who lived with whom it was gone. In this difficult time, keep in mind good memories of this person, because they always make you alive in your heart! To help you express what you feel, check out touching messages and quotes of missing those who died and try that comfort to remember with love of those who passed away!

Homesick messages and quotes of those who died to demonstrate their eternal memory

There is no farewell among those who love each other. It is always one until soon. Soon, in eternity, I will see you again. We will be one!

left to ever return and my heart left to ever compose itself. Now there is the longing for who death has taken forever.

Farewell was forever and so I will live forever with missing.

You are gone and, with me, left these longing for you.

There are no words that can express all this endless longing you left in me the moment you left to ever come back!

Who is gone to live in my longing and intensely in my memory.

A piece of me is gone when you left. I miss you without end!

The good memories you have always let out my tears and make me smile again. I miss eternal!

Although such a longing for those who have already departed, the distance between life and death that separates us, everyone remains close to my heart.

I still remember our goodbye. There is heart to so much that there is no medicine, it will never end.

There is no time when I don’t think of you and tears do not sprout unintentionally. Turn this longing in prayer to reach you where you are!

You left leaving an emptiness in my chest and endless pain. Each day, I strive to fill it with memories of your, is what makes sadness miss.

Every day the longing increases, but also the happiness of having you had you by my side, even for so little time.

Who leaves for the other world leaves behind the weeping and the memories for those who stayed.

The mourning phase can serve to understand the absurdity of the death of someone beloved who once seemed impossible to accept, but does not play the longing for those who departed.

Death is a petal that released from the flower of life leaving an eternal longing in the ground of the heart.

The memories are to tell what it was like to live by your side and the miss you to remember the lack you make me.

Your absence represents the longing in my life.

There is no weeping to erase the pain or time to take this longing away.

There are people who leave without ever leaving their hearts. With each memory, no more sadness comes, but longing without dimension.

If longing is eternal, it is due to mourning that is never sufficient.

Death can steal who we love, but not the memories, love and that longing.

There is no greater pain than crying the death of those who love and have a longing that will never satisfy.

You are no longer a presence to be my favorite absence, there is no death when all you feel is missing you.

To lose a love for death is to gain in life that longing that even eternity will not be able to heal.

You left and the longing was just to remember that death can not steal the memories or the love I will feel for you forever.

Time cannot erase the longing, it is the good memories that you let me face your death with serenity.

I met what was missing when you left. His death brought the certainty of eternal life to me. Someone as good as you can’t end.

You are in everything I see, in the aromas I feel, in the smiles I give. It is amazing that death does not prevent you from living inside me.

miss you accompany me every day. I may not understand your departure, but I know we’ll still see each other. That’s what gives me hope.

You will always be my favorite longing. Another year has passed since you went. Amazing how it seems yesterday we were together.

Missing will be eternal such as the desire to feel your hug again. Until one day.

Since you left my world lost part of the color and my heart has filled with longing and pain.

is the hope of seeing you a day that softens the immense pain of longing!

Perhaps time allows us to understand, but the pain and longing that your departure provoked will never pass. Until always!

You left this world and left only this longing I always take with me.

No tear dispels the longing, but softens the pain of eternal farewell.

Memories by your side bring me peace, it gives me hope to continue even without you.

Strange the longing that comes from the loss. I have a feeling that any minute I will see you arrive.

Memories do not reduce longing, but they are my refuge when I no longer know how to deal with pain.

You left me forever and ever. Nothing was able to take its place except the longing and pain that, from time to time, complains about its presence.

Today the world is less cheerful and loses its brightness, because we say goodbye to a wonderful person who will miss you.

Mourning is characterized by a period of dismay and longing for the loss of a loved one, in which it takes a lot of support from nearby people to help overcome it.

This is why a word, a gesture of affection or a good hug in silence can be the perfect support to relieve the sadness of those you love and show you that life does not end only in death. >

Thinking about it, check out comforting mourning messages and quotes capable of helping you process the loss at this difficult time!

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