42 messages and quotes by Nelson Rodrigues who show life as it is

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Known as one of the greatest writers in the country, whether in the area of ​​journalism or theater, Nelson Rodrigues has been nicknamed “pornographic angel” and gives you what to talk to their sincere and terrifying messages and quotes. Strongly criticized by society of the time, your work is remembered and celebrated to this day! Check out Nelson Rodrigues’s best messages and quotes we have selected for you.

Nelson Rodrigues’ messages and quotes to know his grand writing

All unanimity is stupid.

Nothing frustrates women more than that freedom she has not asked, who does not want and does not accomplish her.

television killed the window.

Impartiality only deserves our laughter.

all boos are good, including bad ones.

The joke is the disguise of an incurable hurt.

Only the prophets see the obvious.

The adult does not exist, man is a perennial boy.

Little love is not love.

I am a man who cries. My sentimentality is my strong point.

All love is eternal. And if it is over, it wasn’t love.

Being beautiful does not matter. Be interesting.

Do not hurry to forgive. Mercy also corrupts.

Nothing humiliates us more than the courage of others.

My inspiration is the sum of all the lives I had, through all ages, all ages.

To love is to give reason to those who do not have.

Money buys everything, even true love.

I envy stupidity, because it is eternal.

If the facts are against me, worse for the facts.

Brazilian is a holiday.

I have a few obsessions that cultivate with patience and love. One of them is the sea.

Love leaves no survivors.

The great event of the century was the astonishing and fulminating rise of the idiot.

shame is the most aphrodisiac of virtues.

God is in the coincidences.

The human being, as we imagine, does not exist.

Who wins or loses matches is the soul.

All coherence is at least suspicious.

Only the face is indecent. From the neck down you could walk naked.

Without passion you can’t even suck popsicle.

things said only once unpublished.

If everyone knew each other’s sexual intimacy, no one would greet anyone.

Great coexistence are one millimeter of boredom.

The death of a love is worse than personal and physical death.

I need to be amazed with the greatest urgency.

either the woman is cold or bites. Without bite there is no possible love.

It is in the break that two people understand each other and come into communion.

I deny myself to believe that a politician, even the sweetest political, has moral sense.

I am a boy who sees the love for the hole in the lock. I was never something else.

Most people imagine that the most important in dialogue is the word. Mistake: The important thing is the pause!

Freedom is more important than bread.

What gives man a minimum of inner unity is the sum of his obsessions.

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