42 indirect messages and quotes for boyfriend to send your message

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There is so much that we want to talk and can’t. It is very difficult to say something objectively, even with the people we love the most and we have more proximity. So sometimes, to pass the message we want, we need to use other methods that can be equally effective.

Indirects are great to reach the person we want and make them smarter to our feelings, whether good or bad. Thinking about it, we select messages and quotes from indirect to boyfriend. Send and see if he can decipher what you mean.

Indirect messages and quotes for boyfriend for him to be smart

Never disappoint someone who would do everything for you.

Anyone can make you smile. But not everyone can make you happy.

Who I love is not always with me, but it is always in my heart.

The reason for my smile has name, surname and address.

When I call you it is because I’m missing you, when I don’t call it, it’s because I’m waiting for you to feel mine.

Before you hurt a heart, make sure you are not inside it.

All I want most is to lie next to a certain someone without worrying about the time.

If you knew how I like your smell, your flower way, you have not denied a kiss to those who are lost with love.

That moment you are very sleepy, but you don’t want to go to sleep, because you’re talking to a person who loves so much.

You will never be good enough for everyone, but it will always be perfect for that person who deserves you.

You deserve someone insanely, inexplicably, perfectly and completely in love with you. Open your eyes, this is me.

If you read minds, I would understand why I don’t want to stay away from you.

I promise I will take good care of your heart!

I already knew it was going to end like this, but you were worth the risk.

Whenever I dream about you according to a smile on your face.

My weak point has name, address and a beautiful smile.

Although it will fight, I still love you. Everything with you is different!

A gypsy that said my destiny is to be happy by your side.

There is always some madness in love. But there is always a little reason in madness.

The encounter of our lips was one of the best things that happened to me!

True love overcomes any difficulty, and does not end up any bullshit.

Everything is simpler next to the right person.

When I’m with you, everything gets more beautiful.

True love overcomes any difficulty, and does not end up any bullshit.

So let’s combine like this: try not to forget about me, because I don’t stop thinking about you.

A Pleasure: Exchange looks with you.

Stay by my side and I promise to make you happy!

When there is will, one way!

Never give up on someone you can’t spend a day without thinking.

reciprocity! This is what makes things work out. In attention, in affection, in memory, in love …

that tight hug has sound from me I love you.

Unfortunately, for a relationship to work, it takes much more than a simple ‘I love you’.

It is not love that sustains the relationship, it is the way of relating that sustains love!

I love you and this is everything!

Do you know why there are no rats under your bed? Because on top sleep a kitten.

There is no sooner or later, there is no right or wrong time. Things happen when it has to happen.

Being faithful is not a matter of choice, it is a matter of character.

Dating a person who has enough maturity to solve fights talking instead of turning his face and lumps to his side.

What are you doing today? Anything? How about we do anything together?

If you were a song would be the best grades.

There is a brigadeiro and a bejinho on the table. The brigadeiro rolled and fell. And the kiss, does it roll?

Mania of closing your eyes before bed and wish you good night in thought: Sleep well, dreams of me, I want you a lot and I want you well.

After speaking your feelings between the lines, it is worth starting to exercise the habit of saying what you feel, right? So, check out our selection of beautiful love messages and quotes and express this feeling so deep and true.

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