42 Anxiety messages and quotes for anticipating

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Anxiety is present in the lives of most people, but it deserves extra attention when it is no longer a natural reaction of the human being and becomes a disease that can interfere with the healthy life of the individual. Therefore, we have selected several messages and quotes of anxiety that will help you understand more about this psychic state of apprehension or fear. Check it out!

Anxiety messages and quotes that will help you in times of crisis

Breathe deep. You are not in the wrong time. You will get there. You have always been that immensity. Your anxiety is no greater than you.

depression is when you cannot feel. Anxiety is when you feel a lot. Having both is a constant war within your own mind.

When I understand that everything that is happening to me is to become similar to Jesus, it solves much of my anxiety.

Don’t let anxiety destroy the way towards your dreams!

A piece of bread eaten in peace is better than an anxiety eaten feast.

May today be today. Without yesterday’s weight, or anxiety for tomorrow. Just today.

To love an anxious thing is knowing how to deal with problems that don’t even exist yet.

I rather vote for the end of my anxiety.

The natural role of twentieth -century man is anxiety.

Anxiety makes you suffer in the present because of an uncertain future.

Do not allow this anxiety tame your life.

Writing a book has the same dose of anxiety as telling an anecdote and having to wait for several years to know whether or not it had a joke.

Anxiety makes every hope seem distressing.

God, take this anxiety out of my heart, and teach me that everything is in your time.

Anxiety is not freshness!

Anxiety means clear nights, as you sigh and turn around. It’s your brain never being able to turn off.

Be strong! You are much greater than this anxiety that afflicts you.

Breathe, this is not the first time you have been in this way, you’ve won worse days. Breathe and don’t let yourself be crushed by anxiety. You will go through this!

Young people today are an accumulation of anxiety, depression and broken heart.

To have depression and anxiety is to be in constant conflict!

Anxiety and fear poison the body and spirit.

How I wanted my anxiety to simply be a matter of self -control.

To venture out anxiety, but to stop risking yourself is losing yourself.

Anxiety is when there are always many minutes left for whatever it is.

Depression: Excessive past. Stress: Excessive gift. Anxiety: Excessive Future.

deposit all your anxieties in your hands.

Wealth brings anxiety, wisdom gives peace of mind.

Anxiety and pessimism are able to make the world a frightening place!

Anxiety prevents understanding of God’s plans, not murmur for anything, trust that in the right time God gives you everything.

The secret of peace is to deliver every anxiety to God’s care.

Do not let this anxiety close your eyes, see that it is possible and open a smile.

Don’t be anxious about tomorrow. There is today and he deserves all his attention.

Anxiety is treacherous, forces you to compete over time, to run against your will, and along the way, it still makes you believe that it is not good enough to cross the finish line.

It’s not anxiety, it’s a hurry to be happy.

You are greater than your anxiety!

Less anxiety, more faith!

Anxiety does not prevent the suffering of the future, but it ends the joy of the present.

Anxiety cannot be part of your relationship with God, because his time will never be yours.

Depression, anxiety and panic seizures are not signs that you are weak. These are signs that you have remained strong for a long time.

Oppressed feeling generates anxiety.

Dear anxiety, I don’t torture me. Just let me live.

Anxiety transforms small problems into large storms.

In addition to anxiety, depression is also a disease that requires great care, as it causes deep sadness and various worrying symptoms. So, also check out our selection of our messages and quotes about depression and understand the severity of this disease.

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