41 Wesley Safadão messages and quotes to mix romance with naughtiness

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Singer Wesley Safadão was born on September 6, 1988, and received this nickname when he was singer of the “naughty girl”, a band of forró formed by his family, where he began his musical career.

In 2015, Safadão released his first solo album “Live in Brasilia” and received platinum album for the large amount of sales. The singer is already recognized internationally and his songs are among the most played in Brazil.

Check out the list we made with Wesley Safadão messages and quotes for you to know some excerpts of your songs and become another fan of this country phenomenon.

Wesley Safadão messages and quotes for you to identify yourself

One day without you it looks like a year!

love only of mother, passion only of Christ, who wants to love me … that suffers.

Do what you want and what you don’t want from me.

married life is good, only loses to single!

wants to make me jealous for free. Yeah, I’m not to retort, but I’m going to discount what you like best.

That I love you a lot of people know, I already gave bouquet -shaped proof.

Who loves also tires of chase.

I dreamed that I was getting married and woke up in despair!

Crying does not pay tax or is not bad for health.

I want and need a chance, just to say that I love you!

My heart does not belong to you!

I’m not saying bye, I’m saying goodbye.

Really if you want me, see if you change your attitude.

But if your phone ring, there for three or four in the morning, I didn’t go back, I already drank too much.

You don’t charge me and I don’t charge you.

We don’t need scheduled time, our time is us.

For me, we have no solution, I won’t listen to my heart.

is suffering why you want, you could be with me and you are alone.

I know I kiss my face, but want my mouth.

I want to see how far you are going, you’re loosening me too much, look that I can disappear.

Your time is running out and I got tired, only you don’t see.

From my life you don’t deserve to know.

I may even have my defects, but I know I don’t deserve to suffer that way.

Today I’m sure, if I drink, I work.

Do you know why you don’t leave me? Is that I mix romance with naughtiness.

But one thing is certain: if I call, it gives shit.

I’m ashamed in the face, I don’t want you anymore.

We are, love catches fire. We love each other and then love it again.

I will remember us, but the difference is that I am stronger.

I always valued what I had, when you were mine.

This thing of loving, for now I don’t want to, my heart is still so hurt.

You will hear our music play on the radio, you will want to cry, but it is on the side.

It’s your fault if I’m here thrown in the middle of the street.

loved someone, I was wrong, I fell in love with the wrong person.

Now watch in a box, me drinking gear, taking Cîroc. Enjoying in the ballad, just giving a venue.

I started dating just to try to fix me.

Once again I took Porre for you, once again my heart gave PT.

did what you did and come ask me to go back.

Today I will drink until the day lightens, come to my table that today is open bar, the night has no time to end.

It was just illusion, disappointment, believed in your words… For me, you are worth nothing.

Leave me here suffering, I don’t want help. I was so innocent to believe that I still loved me.

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