40 Valentine’s First Day messages and quotes together who celebrate love

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At the beginning of the relationship, it is very nice to celebrate the first few times. First meetings, mesversaries, events and commemorative dates. It is the perfect time to declare love and realize how happy you are. Check out Valentine’s First Day messages and quotes together and tell you how much you believe this is just the beginning of a beautiful story!

Valentine’s first day messages and quotes together that mark the beginning of the relationship

I always imagined myself with someone on this date and you realize one of my dreams. Happy First Valentine’s Day to us.

I don’t need to predict the future to make sure this is the first of many Valentine’s Day that we will be together. I love you!

I haven’t been together for so long, but I feel that you are what I was missing. Congratulations on our first Valentine’s Day!

Since you arrived, I felt that I found what I was missing. Happy Valentine’s Day, that this date is repeated a lot.

I’m sure this date will be repeated to us. After all, you have become my future plan. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The first time has a special taste for conquest. Happy Valentine’s Day! May we always love ourselves more.

I love you and the tradition we are creating. May this always be a romantic date. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are the one who brings me peace and fills me to live a love story. Happy Valentine’s First Day.

I will do everything to make this the beginning of many celebrations by your side. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we begin a tradition in our relationship. May she last forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The first time we celebrate Valentine’s Day is being perfect. Thank you for reliving love in me!

Everything has a first time and thank you for our first Valentine’s Day to be colorful with our love!

You made life more colorful and gave me the strength to face everything. Happy First Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to you, I feel that happiness has shine again in me. I want to repay you everything that gives me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Time doesn’t mean anything when we feel such a deep love from the beginning. Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!

That today we can keep in mind that this is the first of many and we will be happy in all Valentine’s Day!

You are the love I sought so much and finally found. Happy First Valentine’s Day!

luck or blessing, for me, whatever. The important thing is to celebrate this date with those who make sense to it: you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

With you, I can dream far because I know we were made to last. Happy First Valentine’s Day!

Each chapter of our story is being written with love and joy. Happy First Valentine’s Day!

On June 12th with you, I feel that in the lottery of love, I was champion. I love you!

Happy First Valentine’s Day, my love. That we continue to grow together and celebrate moments like this.

Happy First Valentine’s Day. The destination has united us and will allow us to revive this date many and many times.

May we keep loving ourselves, getting to know each other and respecting ourselves. Happy First Valentine’s Day, my love!

You are the person I always dreamed. Thank you for making me happy on this first Valentine’s Day by your side.

I thank God for the recent blessing to have you as my boyfriend on this day. Congratulations to us!

Our story is recent and is already so beautiful. Better than any fairy tale. Happy First Valentine’s Day!

It is the first of many times we celebrate this date. Happy Valentine’s day, my love. Our future will be beautiful!

I noticed new colors around me when I found you. May our future be always colorful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t want to hide the emotion of our first Valentine’s Day. I just want to say that I love you so much and always more.

I woke up smiling and thanking our first Valentine’s day together. You make me happier!

Our path will be full of adventures and will be beautiful simply because we will be together. Happy First Valentine’s Day!

By your side, I know that happiness has no time to end. Happy First Valentine’s Day!

You are the best company for anything. Thank you for allowing me to be your girlfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day.

A milestone for our history, our first Valentine’s Day. We will never forget how much we were in love with that day.

It’s my energy source, I never felt as well with someone as I feel with you. May it be the first of many days of boyfriends by your side.

On this Valentine’s Day, my biggest gift is having you for the first time celebrating the date by my side. I love you more than yesterday.

My belly butterflies are partying with our first Valentine’s Day. I love being in love with you,

All I want is to live this first Valentine’s Day and everyone else with you. Let’s enjoy our company and our love.

I feel like I’m in the clouds by your side. Thanks for introducing me to love and for being with me on this Valentine’s Day!

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