40 Umbanda messages and quotes for you to strengthen your axé

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Umbanda is a religion born in Brazil and that combines elements of African, indigenous, northeastern culture, among others. The worship of orishas and the use of white garments are striking in this religion. For you who are already from Axé or who wants to know a little more, check out Umbanda messages and quotes that we select and strengthen your faith.

Umbanda messages and quotes for WhatsApp

To start the list, how about a Umbanda phrase to put on your status and demonstrate your faith? Some are also ideal to send to your contacts, check it out!

I’m from axé and I don’t deny my faith.

I change your opinion for an exu cute.

I wish you the warmth of Oyá’s affection and the protection of Shango. Very axé!

Being Umbanda is being free, your greatest guide is your conscience.

I love your macumbeira way, when you enter the waterfall greeting Mama Oxum. I chose in its shine, its gold. Your laughter is treasure!

Forgiveness to all my guides at times I thought I was alone. Good night!

is the law of Shango: who owes, pays; Who deserves, receives.

The faith by which I kneel is the same one that gets up and does not drop me. Axé for those who are axé!

Don’t ask Exu what you don’t want to hear. Do not promise Exu what will not fulfill.

your repression hits my dove and spins.

Umbanda messages and quotes for Tattoo

Did you know that tattoos are very welcome in Umbanda? It’s a great way to demonstrate your axé. Then choose one of the following sentences and get inspired.

Heaven & Oxalá.Mar & Iemanjá.

It has the strong saint and the protection of the orishas.

Faith in my orisha is greater than anything.

Saravá: The strength of the movement of nature.

I carry water protection.

Orí eni ní a ‘ni j’ oba. (A person’s head makes her her king.)

Don’t move with me that I don’t walk alone.

Half of me is faith and the other is axé.

makes my body your arrow and my heart your drum.

I am the strength of my orishas.

Umbanda protection messages and quotes

Do you need protection? The messages and quotes below will help you remember the strength of the orishas that protect you. Check it out and remember that you are never alone.

There is no stronger armor than your faith.

While the silence of the old blacks thrill you, your way is and always will be Umbanda.

I don’t walk alone, I carry with me the strength of all orishas.

While I go from axé my faith will protect me from everything and everyone.

If life is beating you, it is because you can handle it. You have my protection, Saravá!

I have nothing bad in my way. Half of me is intuition and the other half is protection of my orishas.

Who has Exu may even bend, but never break.

I’m heading head on my congá. I will ask for axé and protection for Ogum and Iemanjá.

of gold she is a daughter and witch. Carries on your chest the protection of Mama Oxum waterfalls.

And this light that comes from Oxalá, I’m sure it will illuminate me.

Umbanda messages and quotes of Orixás

and finally, some messages and quotes full of axé to celebrate the strength of its orishas. Check it out and get even more strengthened with this energy.

Son of Shango is not on the floor.

My father Oxalá is the king, come to us!

That reborn love and strengthens faith, for Iansã is blowing around the world an axé gale.

Iansã: Your wind is my direction, your lightning is my light.

At Mom’s house all foam is kiss, every wave is hug.

What Oxum builds, no one destroys. What Oxum opens, no one closes. What Oxum gets up, no one knocks down.

I will dive into the waters of Iemanjá so I can find myself.

I saw it rain, I saw it to be part, but still the sky was blue. Drum and Pemba, Jurema leaves, Oxóssi reigns from north to south.

That Nanã’s wisdom gives us another perspective of life, showing that everything generates the luggage that gives us the means to achieve evolution.

She is from Shango. Carries in your chest justice and respect, strength and love.

Certainly this selection of sentences served to illuminate your day and strengthen your faith. Also check out Oxum messages and quotes to energize with abundance.

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