40 Tumblr reflection messages and quotes for those who love deep thoughts

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With the assignments of our daily lives, we often live in the automatic. There are few moments that we can stop, take a deep breath and reflect on more complex subjects. So how about taking a deep breath, calming your mind and reading these Tumblr reflection messages and quotes? Enjoy to share with friends and generate discussions more heads!

Tumblr reflection messages and quotes that will make you stop a little to think about life

Sometimes you are on the right rail, but on the wrong train.

How long will society go to a mediocre life and ruin our dreams with messages and quotes like: “This will not take you anywhere!

Do something that will give you money!

This gives no future to anyone! “?

Maybe it all depends on you and, perhaps, but only maybe, you just want to.

If the walk is difficult, it is because you are on the right track.

Not everything is worth it, especially heated discussions with those who do not have the purpose of listening.

Love is not cruel, people are.

People today do not love, just are afraid of loneliness.

Flowers smell poetry and thorns, loneliness.

Not everything in life is flowers, but when they go, drizzle them.

Do you know why love is blind? Because we do not love hair, do not love clothes, do not love the body, do not love the color of the eyes and, finally, we do not love the physical. We love the feeling, the attention, and the affection. And this is not seen, feels.

Life is made of choices. When you take a step ahead, inevitably something is left behind.

anyone can look at you, but it is very rare to find who see the same world as yours.

I gave you my heart. That’s what I can give you. And if this is not enough for you, then I’m not enough for you.

Never let you tell you that it is not worth believing in the dream you have or that your plans will never work or that you will never be someone.

You can’t know which day will be the most important of your life. The days you think are important never reach the imagined proportion. It is the normal days, those that usually start that end up becoming the most important.

They say you only know the person with whom it was staying when it ends.

Dear, we both know that the nights were done mainly to say things that can not be said the next day.

I found what I was looking for in myself. I found a decent life to be lived by someone. I never thought I could be happy.

It turns out that everywhere you go, you take yourself. This is not a lie.

You can love someone a lot, he thought. But the size of your love for a person will never be a match to the size of the longing you will feel from it.

You disguise your sadness well smiling, but this mask does not last all the time.

I would like to know what people’s soul is like. So I could see how they are inside before I deceived me with something they are not really.

It is fair that much is much worth.

oceans do not fit in dams.

To be worth it has to cold the belly and not headache.

You grow up, mature. And those things that seemed irreplaceable become just memories.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

bullshit someone hurt you and you put the blame in love. It is the fault of those who could not love you; or yours, for seeing what did not exist.

Life happens on the way and not just in the end. Life is a big almost!

Life happens on the way and not just in the end. Life is a big almost!

You cannot live under the expectations of others. Life is yours and decisions as well.

Every day is a new opportunity that the universe gives us to start from scratch.

One day, who knows, we bump out there more mature and conscious than we want.

Life is made of stumbling and hits. So don’t be discouraged if, at the moment, you are not at the top.

Absolutely everything goes by, the good and bad times. In the end, we are just a sum of all that we live.

You are a garden, so choose the seeds you will plant with wisdom!

Have you ever climbed a mountain? Have you seen the top world of one? If yes, then you know that the scale is difficult, but the view pays off every step.

Don’t try to run against time, but walk with it.

surround yourself with people who make you feel that delicious warmth in your heart, because it’s the friendships and loves we do that really matters.

The words of others have weight, but they do not define you, neither the good nor the bad. Only you are capable of this!

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