40 Tumblr positivity messages and quotes that will raise your mood

By: Tranoniq.com

For days we wake up half -headed and without motivation, right? For these moments, nothing better than reading comfort words that put us up there. If you are in those days of low vibrations, check out these tumblr positivity messages and quotes and enjoy spreading beautiful messages on your social networks!

40 Positivity messages and quotes Tumblr Great for sharing on all social networks

Smile, it is good for the soul and contagious.

Happy thoughts make us fly.

Why this face tied? Life is too short to live with low spirits.

Here, only positive vibrations, please.

Good vibration depends on your reception: you choose whether you accept it or not.

The presence of fear does not mean that you have no faith. Fear visits everyone, but make your fear a visitor, not a resident.

For today and always: positivity and light things.

Here everything is freedom, especially love and nature.

Play to the universe all the positivity in you and will receive double.

Don’t be foolish, there is no shortage of love – I need to love.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Delivery, I trust, accept, thank you.

Everything is worth it. If you don’t become love becomes a poem.

You attract what you transmit.

Just thanks this day that has been given, thanks nature and care.

I surround myself with good intentions and friends of noble hearts.

dance, feel, smile, hug, kiss, transmit positive energies while maintaining the essence always.

That today, all good thoughts are made reality.

Today is the day of being positive.

If not today, one day it will be. Some things, however impossible and crazy they seem, we know they were made to work.

Imagine that crazy, be happy every day.

A sincere smile attracts all the positive energies of the universe.

sunset is proof that no matter what happens, each day can end beautiful!

Reminder: A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Daily gratitude creates daily blessings.

Seek to be happy without hiding the happiness of anyone.

And I will be strong, even if everything goes wrong once again.

A heart full of positivity overflows in the look.

The power of your motivation shakes any desire to give up.

When luck, motivation or hope is missing remember the power of your strength.

anyone’s discredit, less than yourself.

In life, everything changes. So believe that the wind will still blow to your advantage.

Look for positivity at all times in your life, because even in the most difficult it is present.

For us, all the good feelings of the world.

Living your way is the first step to facing life with positivity.

It’s just a difficult day. Tomorrow can be better. It will be better.

Rule of the day: When you wake up, leave the bad thoughts sleeping.

Think as a proton: always positive.

It may take time to get to where you want, but with every step of yours, you grow!

Leave it behind what doesn’t take you forward.

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