40 tumblr longing messages and quotes for those who are feeling nostalgic

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longing is a mixture of feelings: it can be good, just as it can be painful and tearing. And no matter your nostalgia (or the reason for it), this amazing selection of tumblr longing messages and quotes has the perfect message for you! Read each one and enjoy sharing on all social networks.

Tumblr Homesick messages and quotes that perfectly demonstrate the intensity of this feeling

If you feel the longing tighten, swallow pride, you know where to find me.

longing swallow us, girl.

I don’t know, I missed it, that’s all.

The longing is beautiful only in poetry. In real life it burns.

It’s late, our high music, half a bottle of longing.

longing gives, always gives, but we disguise, sleep, drink a coffee and pretense that forgets.

What is the name of your longing at this exact moment?

The worst longing is the one that only you feel.

Nothing in us was reciprocal, not even longing.

longing is a smell that is stuck to the body.

Our life is a collection of longing.

longing makes one day look a week.

from you, I keep the most beautiful longing.

One day, all memories will be missed.

Enjoy every moment with maximum intensity, because one day they will only miss you.

My longing has name, address and RG.

I don’t ask you much. I just ask you not to forget, and that you feel at least a little longing.

By the way everything goes by, except this longing I feel for you.

I miss when I didn’t miss it.

and if I longed for you to make you abound, close your eyes, think of me and try to smile.

I don’t just miss you, I miss us.

What was routine, today is just a longing.

every night I turned to the corner and hugged the longing.

I miss the people that I did not say goodbye, the things that are gone and certainly will not come back anymore.

Your absence hurts me in my chest. I would do everything to have you by my side again.

The worst longing is the one you know the person will not come back.

I miss the plans that did not materialize.

The subject was longing and I just talked about you.

When I met you, I thought it would be eternal and I can’t miss it.

Understand once and for all: longing does not bring anyone back.

I didn’t know what I missed until you left my life.

We get used to certain absences, even knowing the lack it does.

It rains outside and here too, and adding every drop of rain with every tear I poured, it doesn’t come close to how much I miss you.

My longing does not cry. It rains.

If what you did miss you, then you did the right thing.

It doesn’t matter: longing burns, but it serves to show us how important the other is.

You are my favorite longing.

I miss that time that you were not just a memory …

Unlike you, longing is not leaving.

The longing comes fast, and you never arrive.

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