40 trans visibility day messages and quotes that praise the LGBTIQA+ struggle

By: Tranoniq.com

of great symbolism, trans visibility day seeks to bring information and demand rights and improvements to this population that still undergoes prejudice and social invisibility. In Brazil, it is celebrated on January 29, already worldwide, the date of struggle and resistance is on March 31. So, check out these trans visibility day messages and quotes and make this information reach everyone!

trans visibility day messages and quotes that give voice and power to this portion of the population

we are resistance and we will not give up our existence.

It was necessary to let a part that did not belong to me. This is how the ashes resurface and I recognized my body.

trans children and adolescents exist! What should not exist is your prejudice.

If the world were free, we could reinvent it. We would then be humans better prepared, less frustrated and more loved.

For a long time it was said that I was born in the wrong body. Now the time has come for me to give my body a new sense.

Life with respect, without prejudice or discrimination is a right of all!

Respect transforms the world.

I’m transgender and that doesn’t mean I’m not loved.

better what your heart says than your birth record.

genital does not define gender, anatomy does not define genre and you do not define my genre!

Treat transvestites and trans women as women. Treat trans men as men. Treat Todes with the respect required to bring you with the same respect as well.

Look, doctor, you know that genius: Do you know my identity? Nothing to do with genital.

January 29, National Day of Trans Visibility. Respect and dignity, our lives matter!

There is no trans … It is just a presence where there was an absence. We deserve much more.

Human beings deserve equal treatment, regardless of their gender or sexuality identity. Be perceived as what you say is a basic right.

More than respect, trans deserves social recognition and guarantee of rights as much as everyone in society!

All we are placed in boxes by our family, our religion, our society, for our moment in history, even our own bodies. Some people have the courage to break free.

Nature made a mistake, which I corrected.

To find that Brazil is the country that most kills trans people is just the beginning of the fight. It all starts with the lack of space, instead and voice that the community suffers. We need guarantee of opportunities, rights and security!

As long as your opinion disrespects my existence, I will be resistance.

violence against trans people begins in the error of pronouns. For cis people, it’s just a detail; For us, it is a whole existence of invisibility.

trans men, trans women, trans children, trans teenagers, trans elderly, people trans … we all exist and need our rights guaranteed today and always!

The trans struggle is done every day. Respect our pronouns, respect our stories and respect our bodies.

trans bodies exist in its most varied forms. It is up to society to accept this!

May the day of trans visibility always be remembered, because respect and love does not have a single date on the calendar.

Trans Visibility Day is not a day of celebration. It’s a day of struggle and resistance, just like everyone else.

More than love and respect, trans people need access to health, education and basic rights that any CIS people have without even questioning.

Trans Visibility Day is a symbolic date of the struggle that this community goes through every day. Guarantee of rights for trans people now!

Not making pronouns make mistakes, always informing yourself and defending the law of the trans community is the best way CIS people can help in the fight.

No matter what Normative Cis Society says, trans people are beautiful and deserve all the love of the world!

It’s never too late to be yourself! January 29, National Day of Visibility Trans.

trans people are people!

I’m not ashamed of who I am, I have a pride in my trajectory!

People who cannot understand what it is like not to feel in the right body, do not have the right to give their opinion on my choices.

Why does my existence hurt your life? I will not lower my head.

I’m trans and I’m proud of it!

Your prejudice is wrong! I won’t stop existing to please you.

I am proud of who I am! And you, do you like what you see in the mirror and show it in the soul?

Accepting is your choice, respect is a duty of all.

We can’t forget who we are, we need to resist.

That these trans messages and quotes show the whole world that this is a struggle of the whole society! Because, being recognized the way you want is a right.

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If life is resistance, that you find in these messages the support you need to stay firm in the face of obstacles.

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