40 striking lil peep messages and quotes that talk about love and loneliness

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Born as Gustav Elijah åhr in November 1996, this famous rapper started his career in 2014. Defined by New York Times as the new generation’s “Kurt Cobain”, the singer brought in his melodies about life, Love and loneliness. We selected these messages and quotes from Lil Peep to honor the talented young man who passed away in 2017. Check it out!

Lil Peep messages and quotes to reflect and vent about the discomfort of life

Every time I think of you, I swear I fall in love again.

The world is lonely, I know.

There are people fight to survive, so live for them.

You are much more than beautiful, much more than perfect.

Wherever you dream of going, I can make your dreams come true.

helps me overcome this without you.

Do not have the mind manipulated by today’s society, because this is very easy to happen.

Memories haunt me, I know they haunt you too.

Would you help me control me or abandon me?

There will come a time when everyone finds the same destination.

I can never sleep well knowing that I left you bad, I do not deserve you.

I wanted not to have a heart to love you.

I am clinically crazy. Walking alone around the house, I see faces in the rain. Where was all the time?

Love is not like that, I am sure. Help me find a way to pass time.

You have to be grateful for the things they have.

Nothing is worse than losing a friend and the feeling you have when everyone you love is not around.

I’ve had several horrible and bad situations, my mother always says that time heals everything.

Burn me until I am no more than memories.

Let’s watch the rain while it is falling.

I think the planet is very sad, yes, for sure, I definitely think the planet is very sad. I think there are many people ungrateful.

girl, you know you warm my cold heart with a touch.

I do not express this side of me on social media. This is the side of me that I express through music.

If I find a way, would you go with me in this?

You know I love you for the way I kiss you. You have no idea what I’ve been through.

Live the life they would want.

I feel like I’m nobody, that’s what they told me.

Your love is like walking in a nail bed, and I just can’t continue well.

On another lonely road, I go.

I have to look at the positive side.

Call me if you need me and call me if you feel alone, because I’m here, and I will always be right here.

It seems that I will be alone forever. Please, girl, I’m just trying to control myself.

Pain remains the same and money does not help.

I just want to see you smile, I just want to make you mine.

Running away from you takes time and hurts, and I don’t even want to.

People have to stop putting people in boxes.

Let me guide you to a place where no one will hurt you.

I am socially strange.

You can’t save this.

I have nothing for you beyond love.

Look at the sky tonight, all stars have a reason to shine.

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