40 short messages and quotes of faith to completely surrender to the Lord

By: Tranoniq.com

Faith the motivation of the Christian. Through her, God is present in your life and fills you with strength to overcome all challenges. Declare how much you trust in Him and accept His plans to your life. For this, check out the best short messages and quotes of faith and see the Lord acting in your life!

Short messages and quotes of Faith that make you believe in the impossible

God is the one who is making things happen to you. Have faith!

There is no secret to living well, but surely those who have faith always surprise and go beyond expected.

The greater your faith, the greater your reasons for smiling.

Believe in you, your dreams and have faith in your life.

Faith is food to overcome life’s difficulties.

Life is not easier, but faith makes you increasingly stronger.

Faith in God will give you a new life, a happier life.

Have faith in God and He will make you worthy of happiness.

Happiness is a matter of faith.

Those who keep the faith receive the reward of full happiness.

Faith leads you to the action and will that everyone listens to the name of God, for he knows that he is the one who makes everything happen.

The faith that dwells in us strengthens us and takes away all the discouragement of the heart

Never cease to believe what makes you feel alive.

God is the author of faith and we owe everything we have and we are.

After God touched my heart, my wish is that everyone also believes in Him.

May my faith be greater than all my fears and doubts.

Faith in God is to go ahead even before He says what will need to be done when you get there.

Rejoice in God and trust that He is always taking care of you.

Faith makes hope run for its veins.

Next to the father, life is much better. So I always trust in Him!

By faith, God made me winner and worthy of his love.

Feed your faith with the Word of God and it will bear fruit.

Storms do not make their faith swing, but they prove it and grow it.

The more I trust God, the lighter I feel.

Trust God because He will bring you victory at the right time.

For those who have faith in God, the limits do not exist, there is only possible.

Your faith needs to be fed on works, love and the Word of God.

Faith makes me see the invisible and believe that God has more for me.

May my faith grow and may I get closer to God.

Through faith, God gives you the life that has always been yours.

Those who walk through faith will be rewarded with victory.

My faith is my certainty, it is my fortress, it is my hope.

God’s love transforms and moves our hearts to have faith, so I give my plans into your hands and trust in Him!

My faith saved me and God has transformed my life for the better.

My life is in the hands of the only one who knows what to do: God!

God’s direction is always right. I trust all your plans for me.

God is the one who guides my steps. Where he sends me, I will.

I left my fears aside and fully trusted in God.

Eternal life is a gift for those who believe that Christ has overcome death.

miracles happen to those who never stop believing.

Cultivate and always exercise your faith so that it always grows more. To deliver your life into the hands of the Lord, see messages and quotes of trust in God and let him act on you!

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