40 sentences of 1 month mesversal that celebrate life with love

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Life is a meeting of precious moments, but it is undisputed that the first month of existence is a remarkable period. Just for this reason, this moment must be celebrated in a unique way. Therefore, nothing better than words that overflow all the emotions of watching a child’s development. Check out exciting 1 month messers’ messages and quotes to congratulate that special package!

1 month messers’ messages and quotes that express joy and affection

A month ago you arrived to transform our lives and change our concept of joy. Happy 1st month of life, my love!

We wait for you for a long time and, after 1 month by your side, we no longer know how to live without you, son!

Today is the day to celebrate your first month of life, my baby. You have become the light of our day!

My girl, you are making 1 month and in this short time you have become the greatest love of my life. I love you, little!

We were blessed when we became your parents, son. May this first month of life multiply infinite times!

A month has passed since you arrived with these bright eyes, this beautiful complain and these cute cheeks. Happy 1 month, love!

Every day they are made to celebrate their birth, but today is special, it is the first month of life of the greatest love in the world. May God continue to bless you, prince!

My little package, this first month of life, I want you to know that you are very loved and that your whole family wants you health, peace and great joy!

1 month ago I was afraid and many insecurities, but everything changed when you were born, daughter. For you, I feel I can do everything. Happy Mesive!

My baby, you brought color to my gray days and made me understand what true love is. Fits in the arms and lives in the heart. Happy 1 month mesversal!

Happy Mesive! When you arrived a month ago, I understood that my life purpose was to make you happy, small.

Today I celebrate the 1st month of life of the reason for my days, the meaning of my walk, love in person. Congratulations, puppy!

Today is the day to celebrate and thank God for the arrival of this angel who arrived a month ago and has already shown what came. I love you, son!

Happy 1 month, love! Know that you are the reason for my joy, the reason for my life and my strength.

For a month since auntia drool in this little package of love that God has given us. I love you my baby! May the Holy Spirit protect you and keep you. I will always be here for you!

has passed a month the first time I held you in my arms and understood what mother’s love is. Watching your daily development is my greatest joy, daughter!

This beautiful baby today celebrates your first month of life and is with great pride and love that every family thanks God for giving us this little angel!

My little warrior, since you were born, has taught us what it is to fight for life. Happy 1 month mesversal!

When you were born 1 month ago, an incomparable love was born throughout the family. You have changed the meaning of our lives, love!

A month ago I am happy, I overflow love and squander smiles because of your existence, little. Happy Mesive!

Time, pass more slowly. I don’t want my little baby to grow so fast. Happy First Mesive, my love!

I never felt such a strong and genuine love as I feel for you, son! His first month of life for me was a period of many discoveries. I love you more than life!

Thirty days have passed, you are growing, understanding the world and showing me what it is to live for love. Happy Mesive, daughter!

My heart has been radiant since you arrived. I’m not the same anymore. Your first month of life turned me, small!

Happy First Mesive, Baby! My love for you grows and becomes stronger every day. If you already love you unconditionally now, imagine in the future.

A month of life, a month of love that overflows, a month of unshakable joy, a month of you in our home, love!

This last month, I found that you are synonymous with happiness, sweetheart. Happy 1 month mesversal!

I celebrate today 30 days of life of the reason for my existence. I promise to do everything to make you happy, my child. Happy Mesive!

1 month ago I have been living the dream of having you in my arms, my little angel. I love you!

My little package, this 1st month of life I want to wish you health, joy, serenity and all the blessings of Dad of heaven.

There is no greater happiness than accompanying your development in this first month of life, daughter. May God follow you and protect you!

I realize how lucky I am because I can spend the last month carrying my biggest dream in my arms. Happy First Mesive, Baby!

This last month was unforgettable, because it was the first of many that our little package will pass in our arms being loved, cared for and protected!

In this first month of life, I pray that your little heart is filled with by the grace and love of God, my beautiful grandson!

puppy, may their days be multiplied by all drops of the ocean and all the grains of sand of the earth. Happy 1st month of life!

Today we celebrate the first month of life of the most beautiful angel of the Lord. My child, may you have health and feel loved every moment of your existence!

The delight of celebrating the first month of life of such an extraordinary being is indescribable. May months, years, decades, much more by your side. Congratulations, baby!

A month has passed since you were born, small, and it is with immense joy that I want to wish you a life of charms and wonders, because that’s what you brought to our home. I love you!

The last month changed our lives: it was a period of unconditional love, unique joy and overflowing hope. Imagine what is coming. Happy First Mesive, love!

every moment of a child’s life needs to be celebrated with the same energy, love and innocence they emanate. After all, childhood passes the blink of an eye and deserves to be enjoyed in the best way!

Therefore, from the first month of life, leave your special message, showing affection and expressing how important this little being is in your life.

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