40 sentences from Marília Mendonça for you to enjoy the suffering

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At the age of 23, Marília Mendonça is a great name of country music. In addition to being a singer, she is also a songwriter, and her first successful song was “My Heritage”, recorded by the duo João Neto and Frederico.

In 2015, it released its first DVD and since then became known as the “Queen of Suffering”, due to the love disappointments that portrays in their songs and make thousands of people identify themselves.

The singer is a success for the country and her songs are among the most played on the radio. Check out some messages and quotes from Marília Mendonça that will play your heart.

Marília Mendonça messages and quotes for you to identify yourself

worries no, for a good understanding, half absence enough!

I know what is good for you.

There are no reasons not to be happy, but to be happy, I need a reason. And the reason is you.

and the price I pay is never to be really loved.

My heart that doesn’t change the subject… Every time he has to remember.

You didn’t deserve it at all about the love I gave you.

and when you realize, it’s over. When you look back, I left.

I’m leaving our nest… I decided to fly alone.

I am looking for another love. There is no more sweet our flower.

I didn’t lose anything, I just got rid of myself.

If until time it passes, imagine your love.

I just wanted a little more from this crazy feeling.

You dismantled me, smiled again at me.

and if this is a sin, who will judge us?

Who has never loved, will never understand. This madness I feel for you, I just know it’s too good, it’s too good.

I live the way I want, I didn’t ask for opinion.

I arrange myself in your own way, just talk.

Every time we fight without explanation. There is no love, no respect, no passion.

It’s your fault for having that smile or is my fault in love with it?

leaves, it is no longer important, it will leave us for another time. Will try to open the door of this love when I have thrown the key out.

I know you’re missing you, you come to get your half.

It was you who chose, it was you who lost.

I am not obliged to live giving satisfaction.

I no longer see you the person I loved too much.

I have so much of you in me. You also have so much of me on you.

Two strangers lost. So close and distant from love.

And all this way I know by heart, if I’m not mistaken, now it will leave me alone.

What starts wrong will never last.

remembers how perfect everything was, but so it is every beginning.

It was my great love, today is just another ex.

Speaking of longing, again I woke up thinking about you.

Never worked to share love to three.

It’s time, it’s now, our bid is over. Do not beg, I leave and what happened, passed.

This competition for love only served to hurt me.

I don’t know if you’re okay. If you are enjoying someone else.

I see no other way out of our fights. It is better to take a while. Why suffering?

What is missing in you, your smile needs mine.

We are so much that the rest is so little. Here’s all right, you can mess up again.

This heart is being ignorant. To forget me, you will need a transplant.

But I loved it, I loved it alone, but for two.

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