40 seka messages and quotes to share the great hits of your idol

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Nicolas, better known as Sidoka, is a miner rapper who, at the age of nineteen, has won a legion of fans. Well known in the Brazilian Trap scenario, it stands out for its versatility, boldness, innovation and the mocking tone present in its lyrics. Want to know more? So, check out the seka messages and quotes that bring excerpts from the singer’s best hits. Share!

Sidoka messages and quotes for you to get inspired by the vibrant sound of the rapper

I’m wanting everything because, bro, I came out of nowhere.

Beware of your soul, that this is all you have.

Your bank balance at attracts this woman.

Before I was ugly, today she swears I’m beautiful.

want to cure ignorance, but without healing.

Sorry the mockery, I was born of this suit.

You need to take care of yourself before you want to take care of the other.

I’m not a fugitive, I’m sought.

I am that reference that tears you the eye.

I will never talk about anything I don’t know.

How to talk about the emptiness of yourself?

and she leaves her taste anywhere.

Be careful to be hostage to your own fear.

I no longer see colors here in my salary.

My bank account doesn’t look at your account.

Here is us for us.

If you try to prevent me, I am unpredictable and malleable.

Now I’m on the condition of taking the world to any country.

If I lost once I will try again.

I am fast, practical and problematic. Sleeping at the point.

that we are rich with mind, without falling into the boat of the serpent!

Be very aware, that the kid is persistent!

bro, you know every goal, bro, path with the book.

has progress, so call me.

You gave me a smile and another reason to live.

You know it has poison and I know you just want a little bit.

We are Zé otherwise. I put faith that we don’t even care.

The need inspires you, moments inspire you.

I represent the will to win.

Life is meaningless, bro. And everything that is meaningless has life.

It’s really ambition, it’s running after yours, making your run, don’t let it go.

I was equivarious, I barely won everything and already spent.

really lied and the truth is a lie.

telling love inside the flowers.

I didn’t come to ask for vision because I’m already seeing well.

I tried, after I got it, I tasted.

All I did to you, all I told you was real.

Without regretting anything, I have a clean mind.

I was lucky lucky to have me.

In this street, dawn, little can see, but if you look in my eye, you will know that I am to be.

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