40 Sabotage messages and quotes for you to know the rapper’s work

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You have certainly heard that name somewhere: Sabotage. This is the stage name of Mauro Mateus dos Santos Filho, a Brazilian rapper and composer. The singer was born in São Paulo, in 1973 and died in 2003 murdered by a trafficker. The artist spent his life living in the south of São Paulo, where he was part of drug trafficking and even robberies. But found the departure of the crime world in rap and decided to invest in its true gift.

A curiosity about the rapper is about his stage name, where did Sabotage come from? The inspiration comes from the numerous confusions in which the rapper got into, besides the laws he always circumvents. Their songs deal with various subjects, most of them about life in the favela and the social problems that surround it. Even after his death, Sabotage is still acclaimed by rap fans and succeeding.

If you still didn’t know the singer, it’s worth listening to your songs! We have selected a selection with the best Sabotage messages and quotes that will inspire you with the artist’s songs, check out:

Sabotage messages and quotes that will change your worldview

rap is commitment, not a trip!

Welcome to hell, here is rare, I speak seriously, antichrist and deadly sins, rash there my!

The Angel of Heaven cannot be a defendant, who comes from the streets, does not play easy.

Who Rhyme is here, who does not rhyme applauds the opponent.

Every good trickster has a Tereza on the side!

I’m a bad guy, I am, and there I go.

A good place is built with humility, it is good to remember.

Bota Faith in what it is, not in the mané.

You have to have faith here, you have to insist. Humble, just like that to progress finally.

God helps, it’s true, go to faith not in luck.

said many times “no”, it was not what I wanted. But he walked as he wanted, supported his family.

Made of life here with a loud mind, without a lies with maliciousness I gave me life lesson.

The streets law is rude, makes you learn, proceed, to win, to grow, prevail.

for drugs just a simple “no”.

Zé Povinho wants my end, if waiting, rots.

This advice I have been looking for, and it is from God that I need to follow.

Even though it is absent, there will always be someone who criticizes.

ah sir, ask God again the reason, I won’t be still brother.

respect is for those who have!

See if you forget, go out and disappear, God is powerful and we all protect.

If you turn on Juca, favela asks for peace, leisure, culture, uncommon intelligence.

That money never buy your posture.

I insist, I persisted, I don’t send a message. I have something to say, I won’t be silent.

No Brooklin, I’m always there, because I will follow, with God anyway.

Living free at the extreme, walking in the wind.

I can make the words mistake, I can say that “drumi” bad, but I don’t stop being me.

Mistakes are made and we do not see with spiritual eyes, but with our carnal eyes that are totally banal.

Do everything secret.

Tumultuated Facts, never convinced me.

And most of the time we do not see ourselves as mere animals willing to everything, exposed to all.

In rhyme then I hope, prosperous.

better life, welcome to the villages of my neighborhood, God!

Who laughs from my end, can come, I will not escape.

Music is a cold: everyone takes it, but it goes fast.

Crime, Jão? Dog profession, ambush.

It is very easy for you to laugh to make a person happy. It is difficult for you to tell the truth and make her sad, but then she lifts her head and following.

Have faith, do not discredit, participate knowing which one is not foolish, always humble.

With everything on your side nothing is so easy, because I get well in the short space.

Respect is law, I know, I always respected.

I don’t live like that, I live in reality.

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