40 realistic messages and quotes to help you face reality

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Many people are known to be optimistic or pessimistic, these two extremes. However, a middle ground of such characteristics is people who have the practical attitude of facing reality, popularly known as “realistic”.

Being realistic is a real quality in a world where many people just seek to see the downside of situations, so we chose the best realistic messages and quotes to help you deal better with the most diverse subjects. Check it out!

Realistic messages and quotes for Status

Check out a selection of realistic messages and quotes for you to share in your status and demonstrate your way of seeing life!

While you are what others want you to be, you will be nobody!

Be realistic, believe in miracles.

What you think about me will not change who I am, but it can change my concept about you.

It is not your opinion that will change my character, so limit to observing who I am in silence.

I don’t regret anything I did! I just regret the time I wasted with the wrong people.

With time I learned that in each fall was learning and in each raising a strengthening.

Lots of expectation generates disappointment.

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

gets used to it. People come and go, like seasons.

There are marks in this life that time will not erase.

Realistic messages and quotes about life

It is possible to see life by various “angles”, which vary from person to person and are influenced by many other factors, such as feelings and situations. But, nothing better than trying to see her realistically, because only then can we find practical solutions to the obstacles that arise during our trajectory.

The optimist is a fool. The pessimist, a boring. It is really good to be a hopeful realistic.

What some call “destination”, I see as a consequence of our choices and actions.

Everyone is quick to judge and give their opinion on the lives of others, but they are blind and silent to their own life.

Many people lose their small joys while awaiting great happiness.

You can invent a thousand stories about my life, but only I know my true reality.

Never let the longing of the past and the fear of the future spoil today’s beauty, because there are days when they are worth a moment and there are times when they are worth a lifetime.

Living is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.

No one will hit stronger than life. No matter how you hit it, but how much can take it and keep fighting, how much you can stand and move on. This is how you win.

What does not cause my death makes me stronger.

If you obey all the rules, it loses the fun.

Realistic messages and quotes of love

Love is a feeling capable of making people see the world in a more beautiful, colorful and even utopian way, however, so that this feeling cannot generate future disappointments we must always base it, because only then We will be able to analyze the sincerity of this feeling.

One thing I learned: who doesn’t value, loses.

Anyone can make us smile, but only a few are able to make us happy.

Never ignore a person who loves, worries and miss you, because maybe one day you can wake up and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.

It is not love that sustains the relationship, it is the way of relating that sustains love!

disappointments occur because we love those who ignore us and ignore those who really love us.

When I call you, it’s because I’m missing you; When I don’t call it, it’s because I’m waiting for you to feel mine.

Love is not living happily ever after, this is a fairy tale. Love is knowing how to face life together.

To love someone who doesn’t love you is like embracing a cactus. The more you hold, the more it hurts.

True love overcomes any difficulty and does not end any bullshit.

You know when someone loves you not for what they say, but for what they do.

Funny realistic messages and quotes

Reality is often funny, isn’t it? So we select funny realistic messages and quotes for you to have fun and share with your friends! Choose the best and share!

Certain people are like clouds. When they add, the day looks beautiful!

You should be clearer about your feelings for me. I don’t read thoughts, much less hearts.

cell phone nowadays has everything but battery.

The more things I have to do, the more time I spend on Facebook.

If those who love take care, many people should love me. Because what’s about people taking care of my life, it’s no joke!

Even my cell phone’s battery lasts longer than the eternal love of certain people!

I hate who says “I’m coming” when they didn’t even leave home.

I pretend to agree with boring people just for them to shut up.

The world would be better if, before posting an indirect, the person stopped to analyze if the indirect also serves for them.

The desire is to travel, the reality is to work.

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