40 rap tumblr messages and quotes to share great successes

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rap may have been born out there, but in Brazil it has been gaining more and more strength. With each passing year, new names appear on the national scene with strong messages, accurate rhyme and a lot of attitude. If you like this striking style, check out this amazing selection of rap tumblr messages and quotes we have prepared for you! Share with the guys.

Rap Tumblr messages and quotes to get to know this contagious rhythm better

Even if it is bad, I thank you to renew the faith.

Society in shock, I came to bother. Here the saint is strong, it is better to get used to it.

Short life, the chance is unique, to make a difference or be one more.

If I do it is for pleasure, it is gratitude to be, of getting it right, it is life that leads me.

It does not come with technology, do not miss you by message.

We wrote great plans lying looking to the sky and today we are following and managing to take off the paper.

Each day is a chance to be better than yesterday.

Humility is not declaring yourself small. Humility is to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and in the face of seeking your best.

She is the comedy that makes you cry laughing, and the horror movie that makes you sleepless.

You need to believe something, even if it’s just you.

If you want to measure strength, I know I guarantee myself, without a loose conversation, with no look. Closes my mouth, listen, I’m not kidding. Your strategy is weak, I’ll get to the knocking you.

I know today I don’t have a throne to give you, but in the kingdom of my life, only you will reign.

The secret of world peace is each to take care of your life.

There should be no grudge, where you have already had love. So, swear you ward the flower every day I gave you?!

Walk is God who blesses. May everything run, flow and suffer, whatever it has to be not to question.

Because everything never goes as we count. God’s laugh from above our plans.

We already put hope in those who are not worth faith. We were lost, looking for love in bars, we find surface and detachment for thousands.

I got your opinion, one, two, I stepped. If you will be throbbing, it gives nothing, counts up to three.

and now nobody will cry my cry, but even those I don’t know want to smile my smile.

How does it become a celebrity living in times of calamity?

I lived for twenty years without knowing that it was existed, but after losing you, it is difficult to live for twenty days!

If it is to have a fight, let it be against boredom.

You took a long time to realize, that keeping me just made you lose. In this life it is not enough to want to be, it has to be in the vein, know how to do.

The best really go, that the earth is not a place for those who have kindness in the heart.

I don’t know if we waste time or time was lost between us.

distance, friend, not several square kilometers. How many times are you distant, even being on the side?

ambition is not bad as long as there is no excess. The face confuses humility with not wanting progress.

Who does not live, dies! Feel the peace that a new day brought.

Human evil is to judge the postman, forgetting the value of the message.

is that I am from the world, in my life I send. You met me, I was no longer holy.

The good part of this plan is to be better while others only complain.

clarity in the idea, purity in the heart. Feeling as a guide, honesty as religion.

I’m no better than anyone, no. I don’t deserve more than anyone else, no. Just keep my steps on the floor.

It seemed harmless and dominated my mind.

In every memory, where my mind reaches. I’m going back just to live everything again.

She tells me she makes cinema, my life is a movie. We both are an Oscar combination.

It’s time to open the doors of the mind and see beyond the account to enforce the rhythms.

want to send what I see, they want to judge who I am. They want to nullify what I get and that I just stay with what is left.

Who said that this was not for me, was mistaken. I was the one who created, I lived, I chose I found myself and now here I am.

I’m alive and I want to live, teach and learn.

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