40 poetic messages and quotes to make your day a little more inspiring

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Life is an eternal poetry and we are the lyrical self responsible for the fate that the work will have. It is possible to choose several distinct paths throughout life, but the important thing is to keep the poetic essence always with us so that we see the world in a beautiful way and with the sensitivity of a poet.

From this, we separate the best well -known poetic messages and quotes, with subjects about love, life and friendships. They will delight your day a little. Check it out below!

Poetic messages and quotes of Love

Love itself is already poetry, but when great writers turn their feelings into words, everything is even more beautiful. Therefore, we have separated for you the best poetic messages and quotes of love. Check it out!

and when I’m sad, just hug me…

For so much love, for so much emotion, life made me like this: sweet or atrocious, meek or fierce. Me, Hunter of Me.

so that nothing separates us, that nothing unresites us.

Love doesn’t take you anywhere, just makes you want to stay.

I love you without knowing how, neither when, nor where, I love you directly without problems or pride: so I love you because I don’t know how to love otherwise.

Life is much easier if we know where the kisses we need are.

To love is to change the soul from home.

My time and yours, beloved, transcend any measure. Beyond love, there is nothing, love is the juice of life.

I don’t remember what our beginning was anymore. I know that we did not start from the beginning. It was love before it was.

An instant is enough for your mind to stumble in the heart.

Brazilian poetic messages and quotes

Brazilian literature is rich with sensitive and exceptional poets, with the talent of passing to the role everything they carry in their hearts. We then chose the best Brazilian poetic messages and quotes so you can know and value national works.

If you knew how I like your arrival, you would run all day.

Let me say that I love you. Let me think of you. It calms me down, welcomes my soul. This helps me to live.

Income, how I surrendered. Dive into what you don’t know how I dived. Don’t worry about understanding, living goes beyond any understanding.

Until cutting their own defects can be dangerous. You never know what defect sustains our entire building.

So good to die of love! And keep living …

The world is large and fits in this window over the sea. The sea is large and fits in the bed and the mattress of love. Love is big and fits in the brief space to kiss.

Being happy for no reason is the most authentic form of happiness.

longing is what makes things stop in time.

Amai, because nothing better for health than a corresponded love.

Happy the one who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches.

Poetic Friendship messages and quotes

A true friendship always needs to be cultivated every day. A great way to do this is by sending beautiful poetic messages and quotes to your friends. Poetry is a great way to convey feelings and emotions, so we chose the best poetic messages and quotes of friendship for you to express everything you feel for your friends.

Friendship is a love that never dies.

To achieve a decent person’s friendship we need to develop in ourselves the qualities we admire.

Friendship is a reciprocal predisposition that makes two beings equally jealous of each other’s happiness.

Friendship is a means of isolating ourselves from humanity by cultivating some people.

Friendship develops happiness and reduces suffering, duplicating our joy and dividing our pain.

It is not a friend who boasts friendship: he is a drug dealer; Friendship feels, it is not said …

When we defend our friends, we justify our friendship.

Friendship is the indescribable comfort of feeling safe with a person, without having to weigh what you think, nor measure what you say.

The happiness of a friend delights us. Enriches us. It takes us nothing. If friendship suffers from it, it is because it does not exist.

Friendship is, above all, sure – this is what distinguishes it from love.

Good morning poetic messages and quotes

To brighten everyone’s day, nothing better than starting the morning with beautiful poetry. Thinking about it, we chose good morning poetic messages and quotes so you can share with all your friends.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Good morning!

man is the size of his dream. Good morning!

And that the strength of the fear I have does not prevent me from seeing what I long for. Good morning!

Everything is worthwhile if the soul is not small. Good morning!

recreate your life, always, always. Remove stones and rosemakes and make sweets. Restart. Good morning!

Money buys a mausoleum, but not a place in the sky. Good morning!

Clara morning, thanks. The essential is to live. Good morning!

Even when everything seems to collapse, it is up to me to decide between laugh or cry, go or stay, give up or fight. Good morning!

I’m the size of what I see, not the size of my height. Good morning!

Confidence is an act of faith, and this does not require reasoning. Good morning!

Poetic messages and quotes make us reflect and bring a romantic air to our lives, reminding us of all charm that literature can provide us. Now that you have entered this mood, how about checking out our list with the best messages and quotes in the world to reflect a little more?!

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