40 Passionate messages and quotes to Status by assuming what the heart feels

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Falling in love is wonderful! Finding someone in internal and external beauty enough to take your heart is like magic! For this very reason, this feeling needs to be exalted and shared, both to reveal to the loved one and simply make the world a better place with a more poetic look. In this sense, check out and share passionate messages and quotes for status!

Passionate messages and quotes for status that carry feelings for the loved one

How can such a passion live within a being as small as I do? Maybe this is the much -spoken miracle of love.

Being so lost in love for you made me rediscover a safe haven, a love that saves me from the storms of this world.

You took me to you and I took you to myself. We no longer belong. How nice to be madly in love with you!

The meaning of life, finding … synonym for love is to love.

Today, I know the passion, I recognize that this is probably the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt … and all thanks to you.

I sigh of love for you and this passion is the lightest and sweetest feeling I’ve ever tasted.

Wherever you go, I want to be your pair.

The fruits of this passion that cultivates are the moments that I realize that everything has become lighter since it has arrived, that everything has become possible by your side. I’m in love with you!

I value this passion I feel for you, because I know how long it took it until I finally felt that way. It had to be you!

The passion you awaken in me awakens me to a more beautiful life to live.

Passion is when we are not aware of where to go. Love is when we stay.

Passion leaves life light and no weight I carry, except the mild yoke of love I share with you.

Passion has sweet taste like your kiss. I’m in love with you!

I will never forget the moment I realized I was in love with you. Passion is simple as that.

I refuse to deny the passion that lives on me, I refuse to hide from the world how madly in love I am for you.

Because I love you and I can’t see myself without being your love for years.

Being so in love, I promise that from now on all my gifts will be made for you!

I fell in love with you, thank you for that. How lucky my find love in immensity.

I fell in love with every detail of yours, even those you would like to hide.

The greatest gift you gave me was to repay that passion I feel for you. I love you, you are my future!

Passion is unconditional, but it would not need to be. I would fall in love and fell in love even with your defects.

Passion was made to be lived and not understood, so today I live you.

We spread our evil in the world, but we forget to spread our good. I take the opportunity to spread my passion for you!

I love you so much that I don’t even know. It is difficult to explain. Words are missing to say, just can’t hide the passion in my gaze.

I want you anyway.

I have thought of you, I fall in love more every day. I get lost in time just thinking about your face.

The more I know you, the more I fall in love with you. How beautiful it is to watch this beautiful passion turn into a lasting love!

I fell in love in such a way that I don’t know who I would be anymore if I didn’t carry such feeling in my heart.

I fell in love with you as beautiful as possible. How good to know that such a beautiful feeling can live inside us!

I doubt a lot in this world and I know you doubt it too. I just ask you that you always believe in one thing: how much I am in love with you!

I sometimes seek in the details find you.

Passion comes to get us out of ourselves and give us to someone who gives us the meaning of this life.

is that being in love with you has become my purpose, loving you is the meaning of my life.

I want to love you every day and every night.

Thinking about you made me fall in love. Living with you, for me, is to love.

Because one day I allowed all this affection I feel in my heart to materialize, today I am in love with you!

Being in love is being more in the other than in yourself and recognizing the beauty that exists in this.

When you love a woman, you never get tired of looking at her, and you never care if she is smarter or better than you: you know she is.

The heart does not whisper, he shouts … and mine only knows how to talk about the passion for you.

and since then, I am because you are. And since then I am and we are … And for love I will be … will be … we will be …

Feeling in love is wonderful, the feeling overflows us! If you are corresponded and share this emotion with someone, be sure to check out messages and quotes of couples in love.

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