40 newborn baby messages and quotes to welcome this new love

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After nine months of great care, expectations and preparation, it is finally the time to arrive. The baby we expected so much comes to the world, bringing with him a lot of hope and infinite love. To celebrate this glorious moment, we select newborn baby messages and quotes that express all this affection and affection for this new life. Come check it out!

Newborn Baby messages and quotes Full of Love

Son, you are the materialization of the most beautiful and sincere love.

What a joy to have this little angel in our lives! A child comes to renew hope in the world and illuminate sadness. Congratulations on the baby!

There are many challenges for raising a child, but you are able to conquer everyone. Congratulations on the birth of the little one!

She arrived full of sweetness and delicacy to bring lightness to the couple’s life. Congratulations on the birth of the little one!

I’ve never seen a newborn baby as beautiful as she! Best wishes to parents!

Having loaded you for nine months was difficult, but wonderful. How much love I feel now to see her in my arms, so beautiful and healthy!

newly arrived in the world and is already able to change everything around you. I love you, my baby!

Seeing my baby so fragile in this giant world makes me want to cover him with love and much affection.

It is with a lot of emotion that I congratulate this child today in your life. A lot of happiness for the whole family!

My dear daughter, you arrived to bless us and give birth to our home.

It is very tender that now I carry you in my arms and call you my son. I am very happy with your arrival, my child!

I can barely wait to see you become an amazing person and follow all the phases of your life. You are beautiful, my son. Welcome to the world!

Son, my love, my angel of heaven who has come to give color in our life.

Despite all the follies of our lives, you have come bringing love and warmth to all of us. I love you, my daughter.

My daughter, I will fill you with pampering and affection. I love you so much!

How can you, such a small and delicate creature, be able to carry so much love?

my son, you are the result of a dream and with your arrival you have provided us with many others.

I am jumping with joy to see my son invade the world and my life! A thousand live to love!

My heart explodes with happiness to see you get to the world, my daughter, so small and beautiful.

Congratulations on bringing to the world this beautiful and special child!

such a small and special baby, I just want to fill you with kisses and affection! Much love for daddy and mom!

You deserve this blessing of having a child in the family. Congratulations on the baby!

Now my two dear friends became daddy and mom and I can only want much success and love in this new phase!

Welcome to the world, my little one. Enjoy all the beauty of life.

Lots of love for this new family that is born along with the new child.

All happiness in the world for new parents, so that they have a lot of patience and love to teach about life.

This child has come to the world with the most amazing parents to have heard. Congratulations on the beautiful daughter!

All happiness in the world this new child who is being born, best wishes to parents.

A lot of love in this new home that is built with the arrival of the baby. May you always keep your family happy and united!

Although life turns upside down, the arrival of a new child is always much celebrated! I hope you are very happy!

son, I’m extremely grateful to have you here with me. I promise you all the world.

My love, you arrived to bring color in a home full of love. I love you, my son!

You were just missing to complete our family. My love, my daughter.

Welcome to the world, my beautiful daughter. It is a difficult place, but full of happiness and love.

I will accompany you in smiles and crying, I will give all my love and all my affection to you, my beautiful daughter.

The light you brought at your birth illuminated the heart of everyone around you. I love you, my son.

A beautiful baby who has come to bring a lot of love to everyone. Congratulations on your son!

Many blessings and loves for your child. So small, but it carries a lot of hope for better days.

I love you, my daughter. I am entirely yours until the end of my days.

Whenever you need it, I will be here to give support and help. You gave birth to a very special child!

The arrival of a child brings joy and a lot of emotion to our lives. How about checking out beautiful baby photos to show the world how happy are you with this little angel?

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