40 Natiruts messages and quotes for you to enjoy the positive summer vibe

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Nowadays there are no one who does not like to enjoy a quieter and lighter spirits, right? Hard to talk about tranquility and good energy without mentioning the band Natiruts, which you have certainly heard!

The reggae band that came in 1996, there in Brasilia, already has over 8 recorded records and also the place in the heart of many people. Who has never heard around the radios “Natiruts reggae power arrived” or “freedom into the head”? Successes that marked and stuck like chewing gum on everyone’s head in the 2000s.

To remember this hot vibe and let the good energies flow, come check this selection of natirut messages and quotes that we separated for you!

40 Natiruts messages and quotes for you to be filled with positivity!

grow, no matter what happens.

To be with you at the turn of the sun is to understand that the best is in life.

It’s time to illuminate, which is to see the beauty of our love.

It takes courage and learn to fly.

Leave pride and come, because it’s time for us to meet and be one.

I’m in faith, don’t soften myself.

Don’t cry, our life is done even to learn.

Don’t think about giving up anymore, there is a world that just wants to see you smile.

Look, go ahead, don’t forget, freedom inside your head.

I need this brightness to dream.

wanted to find you so much, give you a kiss and also love you.

I want to be all the time in your contagious heat.

I want to be happy too, sail in the waters of your sea.

You fell in love, hallucinated, unzipped my heart.

Thank you for being here, manifesting the emotion and putting my ideas and feelings in the form of a song.

You have enchanted me too much.

Hummingbird that brought my love, flew and left. Look how beautiful my love is. I’m happy now.

I arrive, and I taste your kiss. It is much more than desire. Makes me want to stay.

Open your arms, come and date me.

Your look comes against mine and my day became happier even without you near me.

There are a thousand ways to smile, just one to be happy.

Take with you only what was good. Hate and grudge do not give anything!

I want to live everything that dreams. In the sound involve me and travel.

sounds of your body in chords of love.

Let me learn what love is, however difficult it is!

Look how beautiful my love is, I’m happy now.

I will not cultivate sadness. Suffering is bullshit.

Who feels with the soul is able to love.

far beyond heaven I can see, today I want to be what to imagine.

Your beautiful way made burning, I was made boiling volcano for seeing you.

I sang a verse of that old samba for the moon.

An angel from heaven that brought to me. It’s the most beautiful, the perfect jewel.

Don’t cry, I’ll sing for you.

Life is our greatest wealth.

I will be your port, guardian of purity. Which is for me to take care, which is for me to love.

The moon of tomorrow will illuminate our love.

I am freedom. I’m just wind, sun, heart.

I want to enjoy your light to illuminate my love.

If she puts faith in my story, which is rock and comes from the heart, I will extend the most beautiful cloth.

and she stopped, looked, smiled, kissed me and left.

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