40 mother’s lap messages and quotes full of warmth and maternal love

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Few places in the world can generate the feeling of security, tranquility and love. Amid the rush of daily life and the confusion of affective ties, a mother’s arms are the only place with that power. We have selected the most cozy mother’s lap messages and quotes to demonstrate that the true home of a child is inside the maternal hug. Check it out!

Mother’s neck messages and quotes for those who recognize that protection and love live in maternal arms

There is no more powerful and reassuring place than a mother’s lap.

a beautiful little house. A job I love. Hugs for cold days. A ground for when my world comes down. A mother’s eternal lap. A place to go back. Another to stay forever.

Mother, I love your affection. Mom, I can’t resist and come back to ask for your lap.

Mom, I would like to be able to snuggle in your lap and rest in your arms forever.

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and her children sleep deeply in them.

I’m lacking in the mother’s lap. I’m lacking in your attention. I’m lacking in your hug, which makes me forget my tiredness. I’m lacking in my mother’s love. I’m lacking in your voice telling me that ‘it’s okay, my son.

It is the adult who needs the mother’s lap to cherish the cry, not the children.

When I am protected and welcomed in my mother’s arms, no harm can reach me.

Hold your son on his lap, smile and embrace his parents while they are here.

The love of a saved mother, and your curse heals!

I woke up scared, almost no ground … These are in these moments I need your lap, mother.

There is no wealth in the world to buy or compare with my mother’s collar!

More than a place of refuge for difficult times, the mother’s lap is our home.

Sometimes we lose our strength and all we want most is a lap!

Sometimes, as we fight to achieve goals, we need to pause and resort to mother’s lap, as it is the only place that we can rest safe and create strength to start everything again.

My safe place is your lap, mother!

There is nothing better than the smell of the mother’s lap.

she takes me on her lap, gives me a smell and there in her lap I feel happy and safe.

Each child is unique, each mother is special and every lap is incomparable.

There is nothing wrong instead or other regressing, being a helpless child and running to the mother’s lap seeking love.

I need your mother’s lap so much. That loves me, supports me, protects me.

It’s not any lap that is good, it’s just the mother’s lap.

There are wounds that only a mother’s lap can cure.

As a child, no one told me that I would have to deal with problems without running to my mother’s lap.

There is love, affection and joy in my mother’s arms, so I like to snuggle so much in your lap.

The passage of the years has taken us a precious thing: the mother’s lap!

I lived alone a year, I liked independence, but I have to confess: there is nothing better than the mother’s lap.

Mother Cabead: The best medicine for all ages.

My mother is my support, my strong base … It’s love, it’s lap, it’s care and affection. My mother is everything, and without her I don’t live!

There are days that all I wanted was to nest me on my mother’s lap and be quiet until the storm passes.

When we need the mother’s lap, it is often when we can’t have it.

Life’s problems are monsters under the bed, the difference is that when adults do not have the mother’s lap to run right away.

No matter my age, I will always want my mother’s lap.

The partnership between mother and child is what makes her lap so special.

It’s inside a hug, on my mother’s lap that I feel that with her love, I can do everything I want!

Come here, I need your warmth, mother. I want to smell it, lie down on your lap and be back at my home, called the lap.

In the midst of the storms of life, I know that your lap will always be available to me, Mother!

I want a lap, a crib, a hot arm, a warm in winter, a calm dream.

In your lap is my shelter!

Science will never understand the medicine behind the mother’s lap.

Mother’s affection is special and this feeling that makes them so unique. We also separated exciting mother’s love messages and quotes that express the magnitude of maternal feelings.

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