40 Mother’s hug messages and quotes that is the best medicine in the world

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mothers have the power to make us feel strong, encourage us and fill us with courage. They do this by the look, with words, but mainly, for the hug. Also, they can heal us and make us feel safe with this gesture. So we selected the best mother’s hug messages and quotes that fill us from this strength. Check it out!

Mother’s hug messages and quotes that brings healing, relief and much love

Your hug makes me feel safe, mother. You are my greatest protection in this world.

It is impossible not to smile immediately when my mother hugs me!

Mother’s hug is magical because you can send away all the bad feelings that were in our hearts.

All I need when I’m not well is the loving and love of my mother’s love.

There is nothing more powerful than the hug of mother but the love of God!

Mother’s love heals and her hug is the medicine that makes the cure come into our lives.

Mother’s hug is palpable love. And the moment we can hold so many feelings.

Mother, there are days when only your hug can give me strength and encourage me to live.

Mother’s hug had to pack so we can use small doses daily until they could find them.

Mother’s hug has a taste of home, smell of love and is the expression of your affection.

My longing is the exact size of my mother’s hug.

Mother’s hug smells, tastes, has love and has joy. Mother’s hug has everything!

Mother’s hug has the power to give us strength and believe that everything can work out.

Mother’s hug is joy on sad days, mother’s hug is strength when we are tired. Mother’s hug is all I need!

Mother, I miss your presence, your hug, your lap and your advice. I miss you!

I find everything I need when I’m in my mother’s arms. Love, welcome and peace meeting.

Mother, I would just like to say that, of everything, what I miss the most of your cozy and love hug.

There is nothing that I need more than my mother’s hug and she telling me that everything will pass.

Nothing steals my peace when I get a hug from my mother.

Mother’s hug wraps us with mood. It is the strength we need when our joy insists on leaving.

my mother’s hug is not magical, but can make me feel in the clouds with so much love.

I’m home when my mother hugs me and I know I don’t need anything too much.

Hug is shelter and mother’s hug is double shelter.

Mother’s hug has no ulterior intent, just the intention of giving love.

Mother’s hug is a gesture of love and that receives the seal of the most beautiful gesture in the world.

My mother inspires me every day and I still dream of having a hug as tasty as hers.

A mother’s hug is able to melt the coldest hearts.

Mother is the one who heals and that your hug has the power to fill us with strength to face any challenge!

There are pains that medicine no cure, only mother’s hug.

Each mother owns a unique and unforgettable hug because each mother is unique and unforgettable.

Mother Hug the tighter the better, because we feel love the closer us.

I wish I could have my mother’s hug all the time. I would be a much happier person.

The best place in the world is in a hug.

There is only one place I would like to be when I am bad, inside my mother’s hug.

where, after all, is the best place in the world? My guess: inside a hug.

I hug you and feel things that I can’t say, I just feel with you.

Mother’s hug heals. It is better than a lot of medicine and has much more lasting effects.

A hug, mother, I’m your son, mother. Your smile, mother, feeds me.

Mother, your hug heals me. Mother, your stroke helps me. Mother, your love feeds me.

A mother’s hug given with a lot of longing makes you forget even the problems.

How delicious can count on this hug whenever possible. See also our mother’s lap messages and quotes and find shelter near the person who loves you most in this world!

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