40 Moral Effect messages and quotes that make us reflect on life

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In life we ​​always find challenges and have to make decisions that are not always easy. Philosophers throughout history try to understand the ways that lead to happiness and what choices we should take to be just and ethical people. Thinking about it, we brought moral messages and quotes for you to reflect on your life and fundamental questions about our existence. Check it out!

Moral Effect messages and quotes that philosophize about our existence

Life not examined is not worth living.

No man can bathe twice in the same river. For, the second time, the river is no longer the same, not so little man.

It is not enough to have the most melodious voice to sing a tango. No. You have to feel it.

people who have no doubt is only able to repeat.

In memory, everything is grateful, until misfortune.

If I don’t repeat others, I repeat myself and maybe I don’t become a repetition.

Poets, like the blind, can see in the dark.

We are all enrolled in the school of life, where the master is time.

True courage is to go after your dream even when everyone says it is impossible.

We need to be created for freedom. The world is too big not to be who we are.

Try to move the world, but start moving yourself.

Many hate tyranny just so that they can establish their own.

The value of great men is measured by the importance of services provided to humanity.

We must judge a man more for his questions than for the answers.

The ignorant states, the wise man questions and reflects.

The hardest victory is victory over yourself.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

Who does not risk, cannot shout.

There is no place for wisdom where there is no patience.

Lots of attention, thin people. Who squeezes is funnel.

loves end in the dark, alone.

Give those you love: wings to fly, roots to go back, and reasons to stay.

The period of greatest gain of knowledge and experience is the period of greatest difficulty in one’s life.

judge your success for the things you had to give up to get it.

There is nothing that we completely dominate except our thoughts.

The only certainty is that I doubt, and if I doubt I think, and if I think soon I exist.

The need to seek true happiness is the foundation of our freedom.

The beauty of things exists in the spirit of those who contemplate them.

An egocentric heart cannot spontaneously conceive of friendship and goodness.

I prefer to be a man of paradoxes that a man of prejudice.

You have to let each one express himself for their internal motivations.

If you have already been bold, do not allow you.

We can judge a man’s heart for the way he treats animals.

We do not do what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are.

We will not always be strong enough to face the world, while not everything needs to be faced.

It is in the details that life happens and learning to observe them is the biggest challenge of humanity.

Everything in life we ​​face alone. But we don’t have to be in solitude for it.

Patience is nothing more than love manifesting itself in time.

Love is able to build beautiful things, while it can destroy them all.

Not everything needs an explanation, especially the feelings of our hearts.

Reflection is essential to think about actions and events in life, inspiring a constant evolution of being. To continue inspiring and reflecting on life, check out Monja Coen messages and quotes.

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